6 Great Nonprofit Website Examples To Learn From

Haley Bodine
Haley Bodine

If you have been evaluating your nonprofit’s current website and wondering if it’s time for a redesign, start by studying other successful nonprofit websites to see what is working well for them. Then once you’re ready, you leverage best practices as you redesign your fundraising website.

Here are 6 great nonprofit website examples to get your ideas flowing:

1. World Bicycle Relief

World Bicycle Relief nonprofit websites

World Bicycle Relief is a nonprofit focused on providing bicycles to entrepreneurs, healthcare workers and students across rural Africa through sustainable work-to-own and study-to-own programs. Their nonprofit website offers several great features that you can implement on your own website.

First notice the clear call to action. “Donate” is large in a red button box that stands out on the page. A prospective donor does not need to hunt for their next step; it is clearly available, waiting to be clicked.

World Bicycle Relief Connect nonprofit websites

Additionally, the call to action to “connect” is readily available for anyone interested in learning more, and receiving information.

Large charts and graphs demonstrate clearly how World Bicycle Relief is helping provide reliable transportation to people, and how the nonprofit continues to expand its impact. This combined with sharp, compelling storytelling photography makes for an engaging user experience and leads to higher donor retention.

“Sharp, compelling storytelling photography makes for an engaging user experience and leads to higher donor retention…” tweet this

World Bicycle Relief Data graph nonprofit websites

2. World Help

World Help is an organization dedicated to meeting the needs of impoverished people worldwide. Their nonprofit website is highly informative, engaging, and provides a sense of urgency to prospective donors.

One of World Help’s greatest strengths is their devotion to individual stories. Users can journey to the farthest regions of the earth, and emotionally connect with individual people being impacted by World Help’s work.

As a result, users are invited to become a part of the story—to be heroic protagonists in a war against extreme poverty.

World Help has built their nonprofit website upon their undeniable priorities. The moment you open their homepage the most pressing needs are apparent.

World Help Priorities nonprofit websites

World Help’s website stands out amongst other nonprofit websites because it also provides clear metrics and graphics presented in visually stunning ways. Metrics emphasize the effectiveness of a nonprofit’s work, providing prospective donors with data that compels action. Visual graphics present these metrics in attractive, easy to read ways so that your audience easily sees the information.

“Metrics emphasize the effectiveness of nonprofits work, providing prospective donor’s with data that compels action…” tweet this

World Help nonprofit website

3. Neverthirst

Neverthirst nonprofit website

Neverthirst, a nonprofit devoted to providing clean water solutions to Africa and South East Asia, does several things really well on their website.

As you navigate through their pages, one of the most notable features is that while Neverthirst provides a ton of great information, their headlining facts are presented in bold, more visible fonts. This methodology enables “scanners” to quickly grasp the highlights, and others to read more detail.

Neverthirst Scannable Data nonprofit websites

A more unique feature of Neverthirst’s website is their advertisement of alternative giving methods like Amazon Smile.

Many nonprofits do not take advantage of additional funding available through “passive” donation methods. Neverthirst not only utilizes these types of fund sources, but clearly educates and equips their donor base to participate.

“Many nonprofits do not take advantage of additional funding available through “passive” donation methods…” tweet this

Neverthirst Amazon Smile nonprofit websites

4. World Vision

World Vision Home Page nonprofit websites

World Vision is a very large, well-known humanitarian organization. Their nonprofit website must provide tons of information to account for their wide variety of services. They do a fantastic job at taking lots of information and breaking it down into bite-sized pieces for their audience.

Notice that World Vision’s written copy is clear, concise, and direct. There is ample white space so that the photos and the words are the focal points.

World Vision Copy Concise Short Clear nonprofit websites

Donors generally want to know that their payment information is secure, and also that an organization practices good financial stewardship.

World Vision provides great visual information, including specifying the Return On Investment (ROI), so as to build trust with their donors, which makes their site one of the best nonprofit websites around.

World Vision Stewardship Graphic nonprofit websites

5. Life Remodeled

Life Remodeled nonprofit websites

Life Remodeled is a Detroit-based nonprofit focused on renovating schools and rebuilding communities in the city. Their website has an excellent page dedicated to volunteer/corporate stories.

Life Remodeled Stories nonprofit websites

Each video highlights a different Life Remodeled partner, sharing their experience with the organization. This feature has multiple benefits:

1. It provides a public “thank you to Life Remodeled’s corporate supporters.

2. It provides credibility to the organization to help attract new constituents.

6. Operation Groundswell

Operation Groundswell nonprofit websites

Operation Groundswell is a self-professed “backpacktivist” organization devoted to service-based immersion excursions for those accepted to participate.

This unique nonprofit website exercises several great principles:

1. They provide a lot of information in manageable pieces.

2. They use large, compelling photography which breaks up verbiage to make the site easier to look at, as well as providing visual validity to the nonprofit’s story and cause.

Operation Groundswell Photo Use nonprofit websites

3. They use ample amounts of testimonials to develop credibility with prospective donors and participants.

Operation Groundswell nonprofit websites Testimonial

Each of these 6 great nonprofit websites were designed with thoughtful intention, and their effectiveness is a direct result of strategic thinking. As you move forward with your own website redesign be sure to check out our incredible free guide on best practices so that you too can develop a high-impact website that works for you!

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