Donation Pages That Convert: 5 Must-Do’s

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We all know that converting website viewers to donors is one of the primary goals of a nonprofit organization. But how do you achieve those conversions? The only sure-fire way to capitalize on your website views is to create a successful donation page.

Donation pages are an essential component of every organization’s fundraising effort. In today’s world, these pages are responsible for the vast majority of donations that an organization will receive. A good donation page, like these five high performing pages, can bring in larger gift amounts and more donations. A poorly constructed page, on the other hand, may discourage donors from giving at all.

We have put together this list of five necessary steps for optimizing your donation page. These tips will help you to remember to build your page from the eyes of your donor, as donor experience is key! Check out our free webinar for even more tips and tricks for improving your donation page.

1. Make Sure Your Donation Page Is Visible!

Donation pages allow your supporters to make their gifts through your website. Set yourself up for success by ensuring that your donation page is visible as soon as your supporters land on your homepage.

When designing your donation page, think about donor experience. As the diagram below indicates, you should aim to make donating easy and compelling for your supporters. 

Aim To Make Your Donation Pages Easy And Compelling For Donors

Making your donation page easy for your donors includes making it easy to see. This means keeping it “above the fold”, or at the top of the page so that it is immediately visible. Remember to make it pop! We have found a 30% increase in donations when the button color changes from gray to something brighter like red or orange.

A clear call to action will provide even more encouragement for your donors. Place this CTA right above or beside your donation page so that your donors can take action right away. 

CauseVox offers customizable donation pages that you can embed directly into your website. Not only will you increase their visibility, but also you can pair them with compelling graphics and copy. 

Operation Hope Embedded Their CauseVox Donation Page Into Their Website

2. Be Branded (Storied)

Branding is key, not just in your communication and outreach, but also in your donation pages. Donors are 70% more likely to give again if they gave on a branded donation page the first time. 

Staying on brand will offer your donors a consistent experience of your organization. The colors, the tone of your messaging, the value proposition you include with your donation page, these elements should match other materials and collateral you distribute to donors. 

Consider what sort of story you are telling with your donation page and website. How does this story relate to your brand and the mission of your organization?

Make your brand memorable for donors. We are all more likely to trust someone or something we recognize, and trust is paramount for nonprofits. Increase your conversion and retention rate with a branded donation page.

3. Use Descriptive Tiers

Descriptive tiers make donating easier and more compelling for your donors. Instead of having to determine how much of a contribution they think will make an impact, they can select from a list of predetermined tiers that are tied to specific and tangible impacts. 68% of donors agree that knowing how their donation makes an impact is important to their gift.

Salt Light Ministries Used A CauseVox Donation Page To Offer Multiple Gift Tiers

Keep your descriptive tiers tangible and mission-focused. Ask yourself how a gift of a certain amount will help you deliver your program. Include this information directly on the donation page for even greater visibility for your donors.

Descriptive tiers will add to the trust that your donors have in your organization. They will be compelled to give by the idea that their gift will have a tangible impact for the beneficiaries of your organization.

Offering descriptive tiers will make it easier and more compelling for donors to give. You may even see an increase in average gift size when your donors see the giving levels that you ask for on your donation page. 

4. Offer A Recurring Gift Option On Your Donation Page

Recurring giving is a major source of revenue for many nonprofits. CauseVox offers a free guide to help you set up a winning recurring gift campaign. If you are not yet taking advantage of this opportunity, you can start by adding recurring giving directly to your standard donation page.

The benefits of recurring giving are manifold. Recurring givers donate on average 42% more than one-time givers. The retention rate for this group is almost twice that of one-time givers. Recurring givers are on “auto-pilot,” making it easier for them to support your mission while you watch your revenue increase with little extra effort.

Rez Refuge Offers Their Donors The Choice To Donate Once Or On A Recurring Schedule

BONUS: Add Pledge Donations To Increase Gift Size

CauseVox lets you offer your donors the chance to Pledge Now, Pay Later. This feature allows supporters to commit to a large gift and pay in smaller, easily manageable installments. Although pledge donations and recurring gifts both feature scheduled payments, Pledge Now, Pay Later payments are considered a payment method for one large gift, rather than a monthly gift of a smaller amount. 

With CauseVox, you can add pledge donations directly to your donation page. Let donors increase their gift size with pledge donations!

Pledge Donations With A CauseVox Giving Page

5. Enable Mobile Wallets

In today’s world, it is crucial that your donation page is mobile-optimized. Donors are more likely to visit your website on their phones and tablets than their desktops. You can make their mobile experience even more convenient by allowing them to pay via mobile wallet. 

With 54% of consumers using a mobile wallet, this feature is a must-have for nonprofits looking to optimize their donation pages. And this option will only become more important in the future. There is a 50% estimated growth in mobile wallet usage between 2020 and 2025.

Offering your donors the opportunity to pay with mobile wallets will ensure that your donation page is mobile friendly. Increase your conversions with this simple step!

Optimize Your Donation Page Today!

Donation pages are one of the primary ways that donors interact with your organization so make sure that you are prioritizing the donor experience. This means creating donation pages that are easy to use and compel your audience to give. Include the five necessary features above to set your page up for success!

In addition to the steps above, you can find more information about designing a winning donation page with this list of donation page best practices

Start redesigning your donation page today in just a few easy steps with CauseVox! 

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