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How To Run A Successful Recurring Gift Campaign

Recurring giving, also called monthly giving, is a fundraising technique that encourages donors to give multiple gifts over the course of a calendar or fiscal year.

The benefits of this style of campaign are:

  • Having steady and predictable income
  • Keeping donors engaged year-round
  • Remaining top-of-mind for your donors
  • Increased donor retention
  • More time and money to focus on recruiting new donors

We’ve developed a FREE GUIDE that walks you through exactly how to run a successful recurring gift campaign. It’s packed with insights and you’ll learn:

  • Why recurring giving is essential
  • How to craft a recurring gift appeal
  • A 10-step process to running a successful campaign
  • Examples of recurring giving campaigns
  • And much more!

Download our guide today and learn how to plan a successful recurring giving campaign, so you can activate supporters to help build sustainable funding for your cause.

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