Donation Forms

Customize, personalize, and create a delightful giving experience for every donor.

Versatile online giving made effortless

Craft seamless donation forms with ease, ensuring a smooth and unique experience for every donor.

Support a quick and easy process for one-time gifts.

Facilitate ongoing gifts through recurring donations and pledges, enhancing donation frequency and boosting lifetime donor value.

Accept multiple payment methods on donation forms including credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfers, ensuring convenience for every donor.

Accelerate donations by accepting mobile wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and Venmo.

flexible donation forms
branded donation forms

Build trust with custom branding

Boost donor trust by creating donation forms that are fully customized to reflect the unique identity of your organization, making every gift feel personal.

Incorporate your organization's logo, select background colors, and add headings along with essential information to personalize your donation page.

Select accent and button colors that truly represent your brand, enhancing the donor's visual experience on your donation form.

Pick a font that resonates with your organization's identity, ensuring consistency across all donor touchpoints.

Utilize custom questions to collect the specific information and data (ex. Telephone, t-shirt size, etc).

Personalize donation forms with precision

Allow donors the flexibility to direct their contributions to specific tributes, funds, or peer-to-peer fundraising pages, adding a meaningful touch to their generosity.

Enable donors to dedicate their contributions 'in honor of' or 'in memory of' someone special, complete with automated acknowledgments.

Allow donors to specify exactly which funds or designated causes their donation should support, ensuring their contribution aligns with their intentions.

Enable donors to attribute their donations to specific individual, team, or organization pages, ensuring those fundraisers are credited for their efforts.

personalized donation forms

Explore a Donation Form

View a live example of a CauseVox donation form and embed options.

Grow relationships with stewardship

Go beyond the transaction – promptly acknowledge donors, meticulously track their contributions, and integrate their data with other tools to foster a continuous and engaging relationship.

Personalized acknowledgment

Instantly send a customized thank you email to express gratitude for the donor’s contribution, adding a personal touch to each gift.

Donation tracking

Effortlessly track and manage donation data, which is automatically organized and saved within the donor’s contact profile in our nonprofit CRM for easy access and analysis.

Seamless integrations

Leverage our network of over 6,000+ application integrations, enabling data transfer and integration.

Donation Forms

Additional features

Descriptive donation tiers

Offer donors clear choices with tiers that explain the impact of different donation levels.

Compact donation tiers

Streamline giving options with concise, amounts-only donation tiers.

Pre-selected amount

Simplify the donation process with pre-set amounts, guiding donors towards suggested contributions.

Pre-selected donation type

Simplify the donation process with a default donation type (one-time, recurring, or pledge).

Social sharing tools

Empower donors to share their support on social media, amplifying your campaign's reach.

Pre-filled for returning donors

Offer a quicker donation process for repeat supporters by auto-filling their information.

Postal address collection

Easily gather mailing addresses from donors for acknowledgments and mailings.

Custom fields

Add additional questions to collect specific information relevant to your fundraising.

Website embed

Seamlessly integrate the donation form into your website for a cohesive user experience.

Donation button

Add a prominent donation button to your site, encouraging visitors to contribute with a single click.

Popup form

Capture donors' attention with a pop-up donation form that appears seamlessly without a redirect.

Hosted page

Utilize a dedicated, branded page hosted by our platform for your donation form.

Custom donation confirmation

Personalize the message donors receive after making a contribution, enhancing their experience.

URL redirection

Direct donors to a specific webpage after completing their donation, perfect for further engagement.

Donor portal

Provide a self-service area for donors to view their information, payment details, and history.

Email notifications

Email staff instantly after a donation and provide weekly donation summaries.

Donation reporting

Access comprehensive reports on your fundraising progress, donation trends, and donor behavior.

Global currencies

Take transactions in 138+ currencies (ex. USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, etc)

Bring your fundraising vision to life

Need something tailored instead of out-of-the-box? You dream it, we build it. Work hand-in-hand with us to create your own fundraising platform that perfectly align with your vision.

custom fundraising solutions

Unlike other fundraising platforms, CauseVox puts the control in my hands. The flexibility of the platform allows me to create campaigns that look and feel like it’s part of my native website. This goes a long way for donor trust and conversion.

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