Flexible pricing, without the lock in risk

Straight forward plans that fit any sized budget and stage.

When we found CauseVox, we were really impressed to find that we could fulfill all of our online fundraising needs for a price within the budget.


Best for entry level orgs or projects with limited budget and needs.



per month,

0% platform fee (it's free!)

+ processor fees


  • Unlimited donate buttons, campaigns, & peer to peer pages
  • Take one-time and recurring donations
  • Self-service support
  • Donors optionally tip CauseVox


Self-service fundraising w/ additional features and quicker support. Best for small orgs.



per month billed annually or $85 month-to-month (no commitment)

2 - 4.5% platform fee

+ processor fees

Everything in Basic, plus…

  • Unlimited donations
  • Unlimited Fundraising CRM contacts
  • Access to all donation data exports
  • Add offline donations
  • Quicker support via email and in-app chat

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CauseVox?

You get a professional-grade fundraising platform at a highly affordable price point. Customization tools like our Site Editor, custom domains, and donation receipts come standard. We also offer dedicated customer service too!

Do I have to be a nonprofit to use CauseVox?

Anyone can use CauseVox! Whether you are an individual or a global nonprofit, you can use our fundraising platform.

I’m not in the US, can I use CauseVox?

Absolutely! Fundraisers from around the world can use CauseVox to raise money for their cause. We only ask that, especially if you’re outside of North America, you check with Stripe or PayPal to ensure you’re able to obtain an account to process donations.

How does the free trial work?

All new users have a 14-day free trial of the Lite, Standard, or Plus Plan. This is an opportunity for you to create any type of fundraising campaign, raise funds online, and explore CauseVox as much as you’d like. Once you surpass 14 days, you’re billed for your selected plan. The Basic Plan has no monthly fee, regardless of how much you raise. CauseVox and credit card transaction fees are active at all times during the 14 day trial period.

What are the credit card transaction fees?

Depending on which processor you decide to use to take donations on CauseVox, different credit card fees apply: Stripe – 2.2 to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (discount for nonprofits available). Read more details on our support article for Stripe. PayPal – 2.2 to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (discount for nonprofits available). Read more details on our support article for PayPal. The CauseVox transaction fee is active at all times.

What plan should I select?

Have trouble selecting the right plan on CauseVox? Contact our sales team here.

Is there a penalty if I don’t hit my fundraising goal?

Nope! No penalty if you don’t reach your goal. You can keep whatever you raise.

When are your fees charged?

The CauseVox transaction fee and the PayPal/Stripe processor fee are charged as the donation occurs. Those providers take out the applicable fees directly from your donation and deposit the net balance into your Stripe/PayPal account.

How do your prices compare?

We have pricing and plans that fit any organization size or budget with no contracts or setup fees. Our max CauseVox transaction fee is 4.5% and is as low as 0% for Basic Plan users. Other platforms may hide their fees and charge high transaction fees on top of credit card processor fees.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. If you decide at any moment that you don’t want to use CauseVox, you can cancel your account and you will only be billed for the current month. Make sure you export your data before you do so. For annual plans, there are no refunds after 14 days from purchase.

Can donors cover my fees?

Yes of course! We have an optional Donation Tipping feature that allows donors to cover your transaction fees. Around 75% of donors use it.

Do you offer additional services?

In addition to our fundraising platform, we also offer custom training, education courses, and webinars. If you’d like us to teach you how to fundraise, contact us at support@causevox.com.

How are you offering the Basic Plan for free?

The Basic Plan has no monthly/annual fees AND no platform fees. The only thing you pay for is the processor fee (through PayPal or Stripe).

We operate on a tip basis under the Basic Plan. By allowing your donors to leave an optional tip to CauseVox, we can offer our platform to you for no charge.

Compare Plans





Platform Fee

Donation Pages





Crowdfunding & Peer-to-Peer





Core Fundraising

Donation pages





Crowdfunding pages





Peer-to-peer pages





Fundraising CRM





Recurring donations

Donors cover your fees

Embed on your website

Donation receipts

Donors tip CauseVox (optional)

Advanced Fundraising

Custom welcome emails

Custom other branding

Custom domains

Custom form fields

Team fundraising pages

P2P registration fees



Custom email branding

Customer Support

Comprehensive support articles

Fundraising education

Hands-on human support

In-app & email

Quicker in-app & email

Responsive support

Priority support

Training and onboarding

Dedicated Success Manager for 1-1 onboarding and coaching support

Dedicated Success Manager for 1-1 onboarding and coaching support

Data Administrative

Users and permissions

One user

One user

Unlimited users and role-based permissions

Unlimited users and role-based permissions

Insights dashboard

Donation page and campaign data exports

Add offline donations

Full admin editing access

Global batch exports

Integrations via Zapier



Constant Contact


Google, Hubspot, and Facebook tracking codes

API Access

Raise more, with less effort.

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

    Easy-to-use Free to get started Cancel anytime