*CauseVox fee excludes credit card processor fee (Stripe/PayPal). See Pricing FAQ below for details.

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CauseVox's Core Features

All plans include everything you need to rally your supporters, reach new donors, and raise more online in today’s connected world.

  • "We take pride in our authentic engagement and CauseVox allowed us to turn these real-life connections into tangible dollars. CauseVox is not just another giving site - it is a powerful and interactive storytelling tool."
    Lauren Barnes The Motherhood Collective

    Lauren Barnes

    The Motherhood Collective

  • "[With CauseVox] through peer-to-peer fundraising our organization has reached new donors and our advocates have become stronger supporters. It's been remarkable to see hundreds of advocates take ownership and raise thousands for our causes."

    Sarah Fontenot

    World Help

  • "[We're running] this campaign while we’re trying to accomplish a million other tasks at the museum, so the ease and simplicity of your platform is what makes this campaign possible for us. Honestly, we wouldn’t be able to do it without CauseVox!"
    Michelle Voss

    Michelle Voss

    The Contemporary Austin

  • "CauseVox has helped us raise more funds year after year with their super easy to use crowdfunding platform. It’s incredible to see the impact that we’ve created with CauseVox."

    Colin Smith

    Change For Kids

  • "[CauseVox] is a simple, beautiful platform ... from the customer service to being able to track your donations. Raising $10,000 in a single day would've been impossible without CauseVox."
    Becky Straw The Adventure Project

    Becky Straw

    The Adventure Project

  • "Through CauseVox, we were able to raise over $92,000, three times as much as our initial goal. We’re so excited to beat our goal again this year."

    Lyla Ross

    Mox Boarding House

  • "Thanks to CauseVox we can quickly and easily produce professional-looking websites for our annual campaigns throughout the year and any emergency appeals that may arise, like last year's Hurricane Matthew fundraising site."
    Brian John Stevens - Beyond Borders

    Brian John Stevens

    Beyond Borders

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose CauseVox?

You get a professional-grade fundraising platform at a highly affordable price point. Customization tools like our Site Editor, custom domains, and donation receipts come standard. We also offer dedicated customer service too!

Do I have to be a nonprofit to use CauseVox?

Anyone can use CauseVox! Whether you are an individual or a global nonprofit, you can use our fundraising platform.

How does the free trial work?

The trial waives the monthly fee on the Lite or Standard Plan for your first 21 days from account creation. This is an opportunity for you to create any type of fundraising campaign, raise funds online, and explore CauseVox as much as you’d like. Once you surpass 21 days on the Lite or Standard Plan, you will be charged the monthly fee until you downgrade or cancel your account.

The Free Plan has no monthly fee, regardless of how much you raise.

CauseVox and credit card transaction fees are active at all times during the 21 day trial period.

What are the credit card transaction fees?

Depending on which processor you decide to use to take donations on CauseVox, different credit card fees apply:

Stripe – 2.2 to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (discount for nonprofits available). Read more details on our support article for Stripe.
PayPal – 2.2 to 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (discount for nonprofits available). Read more details on our support article for PayPal.

The CauseVox transaction fee is active at all times.

What plan should I select?

Have trouble selecting the right plan on CauseVox? Contact our sales team here.

Is there a penalty if I don’t hit my fundraising goal?

No of course not! On CauseVox, there’s no added fee if you don’t meet your goal. You also keep whatever you raise even if you don’t hit your fundraising goal.

When are your fees charged?

The CauseVox transaction fee and the PayPal/Stripe processor fee are charged as the donation occurs. Those providers take out the applicable fees directly from your donation and deposit the net balance into your Stripe/PayPal account.

How do your prices compare?

We have pricing and plans that fit any organization size or budget with no contracts or setup fees.

Our max CauseVox transaction fee is 5.0% and is as low as 0% for volume processors. Other platforms may hide their fees and charge high transaction fees on top of credit card processor fees.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. If you decide at any moment that you don’t want to use CauseVox, you can cancel your account and you will only be billed for the current month. Make sure you export your data before you do so. For annual plans, there are no refunds after 14 days from purchase.

Can donors cover my fees?

Yes of course! We have an optional Donation Tipping feature that allows donors to cover your transaction fees. Around 75% of donors use it.

Do you offer additional services?

Yes we do! From campaign site customizations to dedicated setup services, you can select a package that works for you or we can create one tailored to your needs. See here for more details.