Peer to Peer Fundraising

Empower your community to become fundraising ambassadors, connecting you to new donors through the power of trust.

peer to peer fundraising page

Host comprehensive peer to peer fundraising events or incorporating peer to peer elements into any campaign or event.

Runs, walks, and races

Organize fundraising events, encouraging participants to fundraise through personal and team efforts.

Activity challenges

Set up challenges like biking or yoga marathons, where participants raise funds by achieving milestones.

Giving days

Capitalize on dedicated giving days by mobilizing your community to raise funds through their networks.


Turn virtually any fundraising event or campaign idea into a peer-to-peer fundraising opportunity.

peer to peer fundraising campaign home page

Campaign home page

Your campaign's main gathering point, highlighting essential details and collective fundraising progress.

peer to peer fundraising personal page

Personal fundraising page

A space for individual fundraisers to narrate their connection to the cause and rally support, designed with a consistent template and branding.

peer to peer fundraising team page

Team fundraising page

Unites smaller groups like school classes or office teams, linking together their individual pages under a team leader's coordination.

peer to peer fundraising organization page

Organization fundraising page

Designed for larger entities like corporate sponsors, this page brings together all related team and personal pages for a unified presentation.

Fundraising Pages

From simple to sophisticated, use multi-tiered peer to peer fundraising pages to foster all sizes of community.

Our peer-to-peer fundraising campaign has been a great success. We’ve raised needed funds for the Alliance, and we’ve also generated unexpected revenue for nonprofit hospices. The peer-to-peer experience has been exceptional, and our all-volunteer board is very enthusiastic about the platform.

Bill Northwood National Hospice Regatta Alliance
Fundraising Websites

Create a unique peer to peer fundraising campaign

Leverage no-code tools to create peer-to-peer fundraising websites that rally your supporters.

Fully branded

Incorporate your logo, colors, and fonts easily for consistent branding.

Total customization control

Quickly modify all elements like titles, text, and images to align with your campaign’s tone.

Comprehensive sites

Build out your site with essential pages and details to serve as a complete fundraising hub

Templatized pages

Carry your brand to personal and group pages, simplifying p2p onboarding.

branded peer to peer fundraising pages
Site Modules

Deepen connections with storytelling

Use our drag-and-drop modules to effortlessly design both the story and structure of your peer-to-peer fundraising website. Discover a selection of the modules:


Incorporate a captivating media segment or a strikingly large image to immediately capture the attention of visitors.


Enhance with a background image or showcase your logo to reinforce brand identity.


Organize your content in a single column, featuring text, links, embedded videos, and images for a focused presentation.


Display more diverse content side by side in two columns, including text, links, videos, and images.


Present content within sizable boxes, incorporating both text and visual media.


Exhibit content as small thumbnails, featuring a combination of text and media.


Display a collection of large, high-quality photos or images, perfect to showcase impact.


Integrate a customizable button for actions like donating, buying tickets, or starting a peer-to-peer fundraising page.

Dynamic Elements

Capture the attention of new donors

Turn a static page into a dynamic, captivating area that excites donors to return and share.

Incorporate a dynamic fundraising thermometer that refreshes in real time as donations come in.

Introduce an automatic counter to track the total number of donations received.
Set an end date for your campaign and display a live countdown to encourage urgency.
Display a continuously updated list of recent donors to acknowledge their contributions publicly.
fundraising site recent donations
fundraising site progress bar
fundraising site leaderboard
Dynamic Elements

Infuse fun into fundraising

Highlight your impact in real-time and introduce gamification to actively engage donors.

Feature an adaptable metric that represents the campaign's tangible impact, such as the number of individuals assisted.
Add a versatile metric for peer-to-peer campaigns, measuring units of participation, like total miles walked.
Show an automated ranking of top peer-to-peer fundraisers to encourage competition and engagement.
Ensure your progress thermometer, donation tally, and listings reflect matched donations automatically for up-to-date reporting.

Simplify peer to peer fundraising management

Streamline peer to peer fundraising by guiding fundraisers and overseeing their progress effectively.

For P2P Fundraisers

Essential tools for fundraising ambassadors

Equip peer to peer fundraisers with a streamlined, self-service portal for effortless setup and fundraising.

Join teams

Facilitate easy connection to teams and organizational pages, fostering a sense of community from the outset.

Welcome email

Automatically send a welcoming email to fundraisers upon their page setup, fostering engagement and motivation right from the start.

Self-service registration

Empower fundraisers with the ability to sign up independently, simplifying the initial step of their journey.

Sharing tools

Enable fundraisers to easily share their peer to peer pages through email, SMS, and social media.

Multiple pages

A single supporter can set up various personal and team pages, enabling extensive peer to peer fundraising efforts

Dashboard management

Fundraisers have portal access to view donations and manage their pages.

Integrated Forms

Turn donor engagement and inspiration into action

Easily add customized forms into your peer to peer fundraising site—no coding required—and seamlessly connect them with the CauseVox CRM.

Donation forms

Customize, personalize, and create a delightful giving experience for every donor.

Event ticketing forms

Streamline ticket sales, implement promotional codes, and manage attendees effortlessly.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Additional features

Personal pages

Personalized fundraising pages that include an appeal, goal tracker, and donate button.

Team pages

Link together personal fundraising pages under one group for collective fundraising.

Organization pages

Combine team and personal pages under an organization banner (ex. corporate sponsors).

SSL security

Secure your site with SSL encryption to protect donor information and transactions.

Custom email branding

Brand your email communications to match your organization's identity.

Header & footer navigation

Implement a navigation bar at the top and bottom of your site, to help users access information.

Clone campaigns and forms

Easily replicate successful campaigns and forms to save time on setup.

Archive campaigns

Manage your campaign's lifecycle by archiving inactive campaigns and restoring them when needed.

Email summaries

Receive daily or weekly updates on fundraising activities directly to your inbox.

Donation management

Reassign donations between campaigns to accurately reflect donor intent.

P2P updates

Fundraisers can update their own pages with news or fundraising progress.

Reports and exports

Filter and download data (CSV and Excel) on fundraising pages for analysis.

Registration fee

Charge an initial fee during the sign up for creating personal fundraising pages.

Registration fee receipts

Send customizable and automated receipts for registration fees via email.

Smart fill pages

Auto-populate forms for returning fundraisers to streamline the process.

Default appeals

Establish standard fundraising messages, goals, and end dates for all fundraising pages.

Page search

Enable search and browsing for individual, team, or organizational pages.

Custom fields

Gather additional information with customizable questions during setup.

Fundraising toolkit

Include a toolkit link in the fundraising page dashboard with best practices.


Shift peer-to-peer pages or donations between different campaigns as needed.

Team captains

Assign several administrators to manage team or organization pages effectively.

Admin editing

Admins can change info (appeal, fundraising goal, and end date) on fundraising pages as required.

Bring your fundraising vision to life

Need something tailored instead of out-of-the-box? You dream it, we build it. Work hand-in-hand with us to create your own fundraising platform that perfectly align with your vision.

custom fundraising solutions

Unlike other fundraising platforms, CauseVox puts the control in my hands. The flexibility of the platform allows me to create campaigns that look and feel like it’s part of my native website. This goes a long way for donor trust and conversion.

Kenny Kane Testicular Cancer Foundation
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