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    Thousands of nonprofits use CauseVox to make a difference.

    How you can use CauseVox

    Donation forms

    Modernize your donations

    Convert online donors with smart donation forms augmented with the latest digital techniques. Full flexibility so you look like a pro.

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    Acquire new donors

    Mobilize your network to bring in new donors with peer to peer fundraising pages. Setup in minutes with clutter-free admin control.

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    Campaign for anything

    Easily launch campaign pages to drive more donations through a donation counter, social media sharing, and storytelling tools.

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    Fundraising CRM

    Magically track supporters

    Seamlessly manage and track online donations automatically. View donor and peer to peer data combined in one place.

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    With CauseVox, we raised $616,000 in the past nine months, an increase of $583,000 compared to previous years using direct mail, our website and event fundraising alone.

    Rachel Chasky Director of Advancement at Hebrew Free Loan Society
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