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CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later allows donors to make a donation pledge now and pay in several installments. Maximize gift size and frequency while fully automating donation payment and receipts.

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How donors make a
pledge donation

Pledge now and pay later in three easy steps

Simple, seamless setup.

Easily get started to increase donations. Pledge Now, Pay Later handles the full lifecycle of donation installments with no manual work.

Pledge Now, Pay Later anywhere

Add pledge functionality to any fundraising initiative on CauseVox. Turn it on or off at any time.

Use it on:

  • Donation forms or hosted donation pages.
  • Peer to peer fundraising pages.
  • Crowdfunding or virtual campaigns.
  • Event ticketing forms.

Take pledge donations

Increase gift sizes by allowing donors to pledge a total amount to donate over time. Their pledge is broken down into smaller amounts that fit their personal finances.

Pledge durations include:

  • Monthly installments over 12, 24, 36, or 48 months.
  • Annual installments over 2 to 5 years.

Automate installment payments

Eliminate the work it takes to chase down pledge donors. Through Pledge Now, Pay Later, pledge installments are automatically charged to the bank card on file based on their payment schedule.

Back-office tasks are automated, including:

  • Pledge reporting and tracking
  • Emailed donation receipts
  • Transaction exports (CSV & Excel)
  • Donor portal with bank card updating
For Development Teams

Make donors happier

CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later expands donation options and opportunities for donors of all sizes.

Get Access to Pledge Now, Pay Later

More fundraising opportunities

Integrate a new digital fundraising playbook that includes donation pledges across website donations, crowdfunding, event ticketing, and peer to peer fundraising.

Increase donor happiness

Offer more flexibility to donors by allowing donors to commit and pay at their own pace through modernized pledge donations.

For Major Gift Officers

Raise more in less time

CauseVox Pledge Now, Pay Later allows you to eliminate time spent on chasing down donors so you can spend more time on securing large gifts.

Get Access to Pledge Now, Pay Later

Automate pledge installments from start to finish

Instead of nagging major donors for their monthly or annual pledges, automatically charge installment donations on a pre-set schedule.

Easily track and report on pledges

Pledge installment transactions are tracked through the CauseVox Admin interface, which show you upcoming installments and failed charges.

Diversify the pool of prospects

Turn anyone into a major donor by allowing large commitments over a period of time.

Connect CauseVox with 1500+
other applications and platforms

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Pledge Now, Pay Later includes all the features that drive more donations

  • Monthly installment options
  • Admin dashboard
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Self-service donor portal
  • Annual installment options
  • Global currencies
  • Automatic donation receipts
  • More features
  • Suggested pledge levels
  • Smart notifications
  • Pledge & installment reporting

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Now, Pay Later

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