Level up your fundraising run, walk or challenge

CauseVox helps you streamline your event management, saves time, and simplify and integrates registration and fundraising — boosting how much you raise per attendee.

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    Level up your fundraising run, walk or challenge

    In prior years, most of our staff time was spent on technical support and troubleshooting issues. This year, because CauseVox was so much easier to use we were able to put much more time and effort into supporting our plungers’ fundraising efforts.

    Kelly - Greenbelt Theatre

    Kelly McLaughlin

    Director of Donor Engagement at CCAN

    Finally, it’s simple

    Fundraising events are notoriously difficult to manage, all-consuming, and rarely have positive ROI. CauseVox fixes this and integrates registration and peer-to-peer fundraising setup to increase participation rates and recoup hours previously spent on troubleshooting issues.

    • Participants select a registration tier and quickly pay in one step, unlike generic and confusing ticketing forms.
    • Let registrants easily set up a pre-filled, clutter-free personal fundraising page.
    • Integrated social sharing encourages participants to promote their fundraising page by email, on Facebook, and more with a single click — helping you reach new donors

    You’re in control

    Painless setup and easy customization you can do yourself with absolutely no coding necessary.

    • Add and update event details, resources, and images in minutes, instead of days.
    • Showcase event sponsors and keep track of fundraising progress accurately in real-time.
    • Easily customize registration tiers and specify fees for different types of registrations.
    • Eliminate confusion with branded login pages for participants and teams.

    Automate redundant tasks and track progress with ease

    CauseVox lets you centralize and track registrations, donations, and participant fundraising progress in a real-time

    • Know who registered and automatically track and log fundraising progress in personalized contact profiles.
    • Personalize and automate event communication, like registration confirmations and donation receipt.
    • Quickly manage and support your participants and teams through a single event dashboard.

    Smoother events, with big results

    raised over

    By switching to CauseVox, CCAN increased their peer-to-peer fundraising event results by 25% and raised over $128,000.

    grew ROI by

    The First Tee increased their peer-to-peer fundraising event results by 200% and raised over $54,000 through CauseVox.

    Hundreds of nonprofit leaders use CauseVox to run successful peer-to-peer events each year. Why? It helps them do more and raise more in less time without all the chaos.

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