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The right crowdfunding method for social good

Flexible funding

You keep what your raise on your campaign even if you don't reach your fundraising goal.

Flexible settings

Use our customizable options to run your crowdfunding campaign whichever way you want.

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Power tools for
campaigns organizers

Fundraising metrics

Display a progress bar, days remaining counter, and impact metric counter to drive donors to action.

Manage and track campaign progress

Keep a pulse of what’s happening in your crowdfunding campaign through built-in donation, campaign, and fundraiser activity notifications.

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Receive your donations
in no time at all

Quick donation disbursement

Receive your funds quickly through our secure donation processing partners within a few days.

Custom donation receipts

Issue tailored donation receipts automatically via email to reduce your back-office work.

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Drive donations
through tiers of giving

Unlimited donation tiers

Looking to add rewards or perks? Set an unlimited number of tier amounts and descriptions of giving.

Safe and secure

256-bit SSL ensures that your donor's data is secured to the highest level.

Mobile optimized donation form

Our donation form works on all mobile devices so you don't have to worry about losing a donation.

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One platform, accessible to anyone

International support

You don’t have to be based in the USA to use CauseVox. We support users all over the world and can take donations in your currency.

Great service comes free

All customers have dedicated support, accessible via email and phone

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Affordable pricing for all types of nonprofits and individuals

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Start a crowdfunding campaign

Easily create a fundraising website in minutes. Powerful tools with affordable pricing.

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