Unlock the power of your community

Create beautiful, branded fundraising campaigns that harness the power of your community and activate supporters to raise money for your cause, together.

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    Unlock the power of your community

    Designed to fit you

    Easy-to-use visual campaign builder and design customization to ensure your campaign matches your nonprofit’s brand and website. Enable optional campaign enhancements like campaign end date, financial goals, impact metrics, donation tiers, custom domain, and more.

    Progress bar

    Rally your supporters to get you to your goal.

    Video and media support

    Showcase your story with shareable video.

    Custom donation tiers

    Encourage giving with tiers that show impact.

    Mobile optimized

    Supporters can give from anywhere, anytime.

    Fully branded

    Match your campaign to your brand for instant recognition.

    Automated receipts

    Customizable receipts, automatically sent to your donors.

    Multiple campaigns

    Create customized campaigns for each of your appeals or projects.

    Activate your community

    Today more supporters want to “do something” for your cause alongside their giving. Reach new audiences and donors by making it easy for supporters to create their own fundraising page in minutes. Integrate your campaign with social media platforms so your supporters can easily inspire their communities on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and via email.

    Easy to give

    Giving is smooth and seamless – donors love it

    Peer-to-peer and team fundraising

    Supporters can create personal pages and start fundraising for you in a couple of clicks.

    Integrated email and social sharing

    Share your campaign easily across platforms

    Blog & Impact Updates

    Keep supporters inspired and updated

    Donation tipping

    Donors can cover transaction fees

    Accept donations globally

    The whole world is your community

    Offline donation support

    If someone wants to write you a check, we’d never stop them

    See results in real-time

    CauseVox puts your campaign data at your fingertips. Track donors and donations in real-time, use CRM and automated receipts to spend more time on donor relationships, not paperwork.

    Offload back-office tasks like reporting and receipting, so you can focus on spending more time on outreach, promotion, and donor cultivation. Our tools make it easy for you to know exactly what is going on and how you can fuel the momentum behind your campaign.

    Donor and donation reporting

    The data is always yours, but CauseVox makes it easy to keep track of it.

    Fundraising CRM

    Organize and manage your donor data to build relationships

    Secure donation processing via Stripe

    Worry-free and simple payment processing

    Integrations and analytic tracking

    CauseVox plays nice with your other fundraising tools

    Centralize your online fundraising

    Keep all your campaigns and donation pages in one place.

    Hit your goals with ease

    With CauseVox, you get more than a fundraising too—you also get expert support, hands-on training, educational resources, and high-fives.

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