Keep things

Unlike expensive and confusing fundraising tools, CauseVox lets you see all your fundraising metrics in one place and track campaign performance, peer-to-peer fundraisers, event registrations, online donations, and monthly donors with ease.

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    Keep things <br>simple

    Stay organized effortlessly

    CauseVox’s integrated fundraising CRM automatically tracks and logs fundraising activities—whether supporters give through your website donate page, create a personal fundraising page, or register for your spring walkathon.

    Do more, in less

    Upload your contacts to CauseVox to eliminate unnecessary spreadsheets and data scattered everywhere. Easily organize, track and build better relationships with your donors and fundraisers.

    Automated Tracking

    Tracks engagement across campaigns, events, and donation pages

    Search and Filtering

    Quickly find the exact information you need

    Automated Segmentation

    Groups supporters based on activity

    See what matters most

    Get to know your supporters through personal profiles that centralize and track donations, fundraising activities, and engagement in real-time. Spot trends, personalize communication and uncover opportunities to take action on. Quickly see the data you need to make decisions that will help you grow.

    Integrates with 1000+ other fundraising tools

    CauseVox plays nice with your other fundraising tools eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks.

    We stand with you

    No matter your mission or size, CauseVox’s team provides 1-1 hands-on help from real people who are behind you every step of the way. Receive personalized onboarding and set up, dedicated support when you need it, and coaching from experienced fundraisers.

      Easy-to-use Free to get started Cancel anytime