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Unlike expensive, cumbersome fundraising tools, CauseVox Donation Pages are simple for you and your donors, while also having flexible pricing plans and no contracts.

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Designed for you

No design or techie skills needed.

Your organization is unique, and your donation page should look and reflect your cause. CauseVox Donation Pages help you showcase your brand and personalize for your needs.

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See the info that matters to you.

Managing your online fundraising, everyday donations, and peer-to-peer campaigns should be simple. With CauseVox, you can keep track of your online donations, quickly access the data you need, and see a real-time view of donations coming in and easy ways to download what you need or integrate directly with your other fundraising tools.

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We sweat the details for you

CauseVox handles everything from security and hosting, to centralizing your data and automated receipts.

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Launch a simple, branded donation page in minutes.

Rob Wu CEO of CauseVox

Donation pages designed for you

No contracts. No setup fees. Plans starting at 2%.

You don’t just get a tool. We integrate powerful technology, industry-leading best practices, and experienced support to guide you to success. Get started for free and upgrade as you grow.

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