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Donation Flow on Mobile

Difference you feel

A delightful donation experience.

Accessible and optimized for any device with a step-by-step donation flow that reduces confusion, keeps donors engaged till the end and results in higher average gifts.

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Essential Power-Ups

The features you need to double your online donations.

Quick Setup

Design a personalized donation page and embed on your website in minutes.

Fully Branded

Customize your donation page to match your nonprofit’s website.

Suggested Giving Levels

Increase average gift size with suggested donation levels that show the impact donations make.

Monthly Giving

One-click monthly giving option with donor portal to enable recurring donors to update credit card info manage their donations with ease.

Never have to track down Doug in IT for help again

CauseVox gives you full control. Easily design branded donation pages that build trust and embed seamlessly on your website to increase donation conversions by up to 200%.

Boost your average gift size with suggested giving levels that show impact, one-click recurring donations, and donation tipping.

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Know and track your donations and donors — in one place.

An intuitive, easy-to-use admin dashboard lets you quickly access the data you need to personalize outreach, build better relationships, and increase donor retention.

Keep track of ROI and fundraising response rates with separate donation pages tailored for each appeal.

CauseVox CRM & Insights

Save 5+ hours each week by automating back-office tasks.

Easily create personalized receipts that CauseVox sends to donors automatically.

Donor activity is automatically tracked and logged in CauseVox so you can avoid manual data entry and personalize outreach.

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Plays nice with others

Connect, embed, and integrate.

Easily connect CauseVox to your Stripe or PayPal credit card processing account and receive donations directly. No holding periods or delays.

Embed your donation page on your website to provide a seamless giving experience. Integrate and send your data to other fundraising tools (e.g. MailChimp, Salesforce).

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We work for you

CauseVox handles everything from security and hosting, to centralizing your data and automated receipts.

It’s free and easy to get started.

Stop losing donations today. Your mission depends on it.

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We dig in with you 1-1

All CauseVox customers receive hands-on human support and coaching from real people dedicated to help you feel confident and hit your goals.

"With such a small fundraising team we needed all the support we could get. At every juncture of the journey, they were there to provide critical feedback and provide us with insight we may have missed. They were always available to answer any questions that we had."

— Floyd Jones, Development Coordinator

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