Donation Forms

Convert more donations with less clunkiness

Not getting donations? CauseVox replaces outdated donation forms and clunky donate buttons so that more donors complete their donation.

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    Convert more donations with less clunkiness

    Give donors a joyful experience

    Optimized for any donor’s device, easy to implement, and designed to increase the number of donations you get by 32%. Here’s an example:

    Donation Experience

    CauseVox makes you look spectacular

    You look good, your donors can easily complete their donation, and you raise more funds through CauseVox.

    • Your branding and colors without any coding.
    • Donors stay on your website without a jaring redirect. Simple straight forward process.
    • Donors get sent a customized donation receipt. Data is tracked automatically in our free Fundraising CRM.

    Less frustration for donors

    Clunk-free fundraising tools that all of your donors will love.

    • Streamlined one-time and recurring donation flow with minimal steps and no account login required.
    • Self-service dashboard for recurring donors to manage and update their donation pledges.
    • Tie donation amounts to their impact through giving level descriptions.

    Less dependence on your IT folks

    You’re in full control of your forms without having to wait on IT people to make changes.

    • Easily upload your logo and personalize colors with zero coding required.
    • Implement changes in minutes, not weeks.
    • Add your own custom questions and see donor responses immediately.
    • Mobile-optimized for any device and SSL secure for peace of mind.

    Less complexity in managing online donations

    Reclaim wasted administrative effort and declutter your back-office tasks.

    • Ditch the spreadsheets. Add offline donations and keep track of donor activity and history with an easy-to-use interface.
    • Automatically send personalized donation receipts as donations come in.
    • View real-time fundraising insights without having to pull reports.

    Drive more donations

    One-time Donations

    Accept online donations, no donor login needed.

    Recurring Donations

    Accept monthly donations with easy donor self-service portal.

    Donation Tipping

    Ask donors to cover platform and processor fees. 75% of donors opt-in.

    Automated Credit Card Updates

    Expired credit cards are automatically updated to reduce donor churn.

    Custom Data Fields

    Ask your own questions and collect additional data from your donors.

    Suggested Giving Levels

    Increase gift size through preset and descriptive donation amounts.

    Automatic Donation Receipts

    Send personalized thank you emails to donors instantly.

    Global Currencies

    Collect donations in USD and 50+ global currencies — including CAD, GBP, AUD, and EUR.

    Daily Donation Disbursements

    Quick deposits to your bank account in days instead of weeks.

    Smart Notifications

    Email alerts and summaries of donation activity.

    Embedded or Hosted

    Add a donation form into your website or have it hosted on its own page.

    Unlimited Variations

    Tailor donation pages to your fundraising needs, and clone them on the fly.

    Offline Donations

    Input cash and check donations into CauseVox with no fees.

    Admin Dashboard

    Real-time insights and portal to manage, track, and report on donations.


    Connect donor data from CauseVox to 1500+ tools like Salesforce and MailChimp.

    Industry Standard Security

    SSL secured, PCI compliant to ensure donor confidence.

    We dig in with you 1-1

    Whether you’re looking to start taking online donations or optimize results, you get 1-1 support to raise more donations with less clunkiness.

    With such a small fundraising team we needed all the support we could get. At every juncture of the journey, they were there to provide critical feedback and provide us with insight we may have missed. They were always available to answer any questions that we had.

    It’s free and simple to get started.

    Start raising more money for your cause today.

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