Donation Page Best Practices for Nonprofits + 5 Tips to Perfect Yours

Why Your Donation Page Matters

When a supporter wants to give your nonprofit or charity a donation online, where do they go? 

Your website. 

That’s where they’ll look for a big “Donate” button to take them to your donation page. But what happens when they get there? Do they have an easy, seamless giving experience? Can they complete their donation quickly and straightforwardly? 

Your donation page can provide your donors with an inspiring and joyful experience, or it can frustrate them. Their experience directly relates to whether or not they give, or keep giving. Your donation page can have a big impact on your revenue, positively or negatively.

Your donation page serves as the “home base” for online giving. Even if you make an appeal on social media, you’ll probably route it to your donation page. Your page will integrate with a payment processing tool like Stripe to collect donations. But, a nonprofit donation page is more than a payment processing apparatus. A good donation page also:

  • Inspires donors to give
  • Connects fundraising to your mission
  • Supports everyday giving and specific campaigns

Take your donation page to the next level and convert more donors with these donation page essentials.

Tip: Want to convert more donors with less clunkiness, drive more donations, and provide donors with a frustration-free giving experience, while simultaneously reducing the complexity and hassle for your development team? CauseVox Donation Pages make it simple. 

What Can A Donation Page Do?

How much difference can a donation page make? Just ask the Irish International Immigrant Center. When they switched from their generic PayPal donation portal to a branded, embedded donation form from CauseVox, their online giving doubled.


Development Director Megan Miller says, “The CauseVox Donation Page has helped us raise $60,000 in the past 7 months. In the same period last year, we raised significantly less for all of our online fundraising combined, including year-end. It has been really great for us.”

How do you get results like that? By creating a nonprofit donation page that follows some simple best practices, and using tools that give your donors a joyful experience. 

Donation pages are simple to create, easy to manage, and remarkably compatible with your favorite fundraising and reporting tools. Let’s dig deeper into donation pages so you can determine how to get the most out of yours. 

“Donation pages are simple to create, easy to manage, and remarkably compatible with your favorite fundraising and reporting tools.” tweet this

Benefits Of A Quality Donation Page

The way nonprofit fundraisers raise money today is vastly different from how it was just 10 years ago. Before online fundraising, many of us raised money the “old fashioned” way,  by focusing on major gifts, organizing grand fundraising events, and picking up the phone to schedule one-on-one meetings with donors.

Much of our effort was focused on those larger gifts. We were willing to sacrifice the recruitment of new small gift donors in exchange for a guaranteed major gift. 

Thankfully, online giving has leveled the playing field.

Today, we can get in front of all our donors, regardless of their giving level, via online fundraising. So, when you create and maintain a quality, effective donation page, you’re essentially creating an equal opportunity hub for donors.

Donation pages make it simple for anyone, on any device, to give in support of your nonprofit or charity. Here are some of the main benefits:

1. It Serves As The Face Of Your Organization

In many cases, the donation page is the first look your prospective donors have at your organization. Put your best face forward on your donation page to show your current and prospective donors you’re worth the investment. A sloppy, ill-formatted, or non-persuasive “hub” won’t do much to convince people your cause is well-managed and worthy of a gift.

CauseVox makes your donation page look spectacular. You can add your branding and colors, no coding needed. Your donation form fields are customizable, so you can keep things simple while collecting the exact donor data you want. With an embedded pop-up donation form, your donors will stay on your website, without a jarring redirect to a third-party site. 

Do your donors really care what your donation page looks like? In our experience, yes, they do. Beautiful, branded donation pages consistently outperform generic payment portals.

2. It Encourages People To Give

An effective donation page doesn’t just give people an outlet to give, it inspires them to do so. Your donation page is an ideal spot to add a quick statistic, fact, or impact-related message to show your donors how important their gift is to the work of the organization.

The Testicular Cancer Foundation reminds donors of what they’re giving to support. 

“An effective donation page doesn’t just give people an outlet to give, it inspires them to do so.” tweet this

Custom donation tiers take donor impact one step further by tying each giving level to a specific outcome. This helps donors connect the money they give to the change their hoping to make. It also inspires higher giving, by suggesting gift amounts.

Skid Row Housing Trust ties each donation tier to the impact a donation will have. 

Don’t forget to include a clear call-to-action, just to ensure your donation page visitors know what you want them to do.

3. It’s Highly Shareable

The internet has connected us in ways we could have never imagined. We link with friends on social media platforms, send emails, watch videos—all in a social setting. When we “Like” something, the world knows.

Cater to your supporters’ desire to share their own interests by including a social sharing option or redirect to a sharing option after the donation transaction is complete. In doing so, you’re creating a one-stop-shop for donors.


Donation page confirmation, share options, and redirect option back to a customized URL.

4. It Makes Data Tracking Easy

Are you buried under spreadsheets because you’re tracking different kinds of donations in different places? Make sure your donation page makes it easy to track your data and your donation page’s performance.

A CauseVox donation page will simplify your fundraising. You can add offline donations and keep track of donor activity and history with its easy-to-use Fundraising CRM interface.

Donation pages allow you to see donations as they come in, in real-time.  Plus, with easy access to reporting, you and your team will save time and headaches.

Did a donor mail you a check or hand you an envelope of cash? With CauseVox, you can add it to your campaign with a click of a button.

Elements of an Effective Donation Page

CauseVox-powered donation pages are designed to provide an effective, hassle-free, and even joyful experience for you and your donors.  

CauseVox donation pages are effective because they include a number of important elements.

1. Clear Direction

Donors should know exactly where to click to give. This means that a bold “Donate” (or similar message) button is a must-have.

To maintain consistency and provide donors the best experience, make sure your donation page keeps your donor on your website. Redirecting to a 3rd party page can impact the donor’s trust in your organization (especially if it’s unbranded) and lends to a poor donor experience.

With CauseVox, you can embed your branded donation page right on your website.


2. Customization

Use colors familiar to your donors, such as those in your logo or other marketing materials. Familiar branding and imagery are always helpful in ensuring consistency and accountability.

With CauseVox, you won’t need to call IT or learn to code to build your branded page–it’s very easy, even for non-techies.


3. Messaging

Many nonprofits and charities choose to write a short message to donation page visitors equating their gift with impact. 

4. Safe, Secure Processing

It’s never okay to gamble with your donor’s financial information. Always use a safe, secure donation processing system.

CauseVox integrates with Stripe to provide fast, secure donation processing.

5. Mobile Optimization

About 25% of donations that you get online will be on mobile, and mobile giving is only growing.

But, if your donation page isn’t optimized for mobile, you’ll lose out on those mobile donations and frustrate your donors in the process.

Be sure to make it easy for your donors to donate on any device.

6. Integrating With Fundraising and Reporting Tools

Do you have fundraising tools you like, such as a nonprofit CRM,  donation processor, or a communications platform to manage your outgoing emails? Whenever possible, ensure your donation page accommodates these additional fundraising and reporting tools. Integration = ease.

CauseVox plays nicely with others, integrating with more than 1,500 tools. This frees up your time from manually transferring data, and helps streamline your process so you can focus on your donors.

7. Other Specific Options

Depending on your donor preferences, it may be a good idea to incorporate a number of specific options on your donation page’s donation form. These include:

  • Donation tipping: Donors covering the payment processing fee. We see that between 75%-95% of donors cover transaction fees, helping offset your costs and increasing your ROI!
  • Recurring donations: Donors giving on a regular basis (hassle-free) such as monthly or quarterly
  • Donation tiers/Suggested amounts: Providing your donors common and/or ideal donation amounts
Additional Giving Options, Including Recurring Giving and Tipping

5 Tips To Perfect Your Donation Page

As you can see, a lot goes into creating a stellar donation page. However, when you work with CauseVox to power your donation page, the process of setting up and maintaining your donation page is easy and straightforward.

Before you dive into creating your own donation page, consider these 5 final best practices.

“Before you dive into creating your own donation page, consider these 5 final best practices.“ tweet this

1. Strive to Maintain Consistency

As mentioned above, don’t forget to incorporate your color scheme, logo, and any other defining branding to your donation page. You want this standalone page to feel like the branch that connects your website and social media pages together.

2. Make It Simple For Anyone and Everyone

Donors are reaching your donation page from a variety of devices, from computers and laptops and tablets and cell phones. The problem is, each of these devices has different screen sizes, loading timeframes, and more. Make sure your donation page is simple for anyone who accesses it, regardless of what device they’re using.

3. Offer Giving Options

It’s always a good idea to include multiple giving options, including recurring giving and suggested amounts.

If you’re unsure about what options to include, pull your donor data and determine how many people give monthly and other statistics such as average gift amount.

The IIIC saw a $100 average donation increase by creating donation tiers (levels of giving) and tieing it to impact).

4. Limit Distractions

Once a potential donor is on your page, the last thing you want is for them to get distracted by outside links, complex stories, or anything else that takes them away from the task at hand: giving to you!

Limit all distractions so there’s nothing else competing for their attention.

5. Customize the Receipt

Since you’re receiving donation information in real-time, go ahead and send a confirmation receipt as soon as possible.

With CauseVox, you can create a customized receipt up to tax-deductible standards that will send automatically after a donation is made. The receipt serves as an acknowledgment that you received the gift and that you appreciate it. Plus, this saves you time in having to manually send receipts later.

Plus, it sets the stage for further engagement (and thus retention) efforts down the road.

Customize Donation Receipt Using CauseVox Donation Pages

Convert More Donors With Less Clunk

Thousands of nonprofits use CauseVox to raise more online and make it simple for anyone, on any device, to support their cause. Are you ready for a donation page that drives donations and gives donors a joyful experience?

This post was originally published on 12/12/17 and was updated on 10/10/19.

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