7 Donation Page Examples That Will Help You Raise More Online

Donation pages are the simplest way to collect donations online. You may have a general donation page that hides behind your “Donate” button, however, have you consider other ways you can use donation pages to increase online donations and average gift?

Here are seven donation page examples that you can use throughout your fundraising plan to raise more.

7 Donation Page Examples For Your Nonprofit

1. Collect Everyday Donations

Most nonprofits are already collecting donations online, but if you’re not careful, it’s easy for problems and confusion to arise.

For example, it’s common for nonprofits to use a third-party processor to process the transaction. But once a donor redirects to a different website that doesn’t look anything like your nonprofit’s website, it’s easier for them to avoid following through on the donation. That’s NOT what you want.

Instead of collecting online donations confusingly, try an everyday donation page. You can design the page to match your organization’s marketing color scheme and even include your logo.donation page examples

Then, simply link this donation page to your website, social media pages, and anywhere else your donor and prospective donors go to learn about your organization. All your donor needs to do is click on a button and they’re automatically directed to your donation page.

2. Promote Your Special Appeals and Specific Programs

There are certain times throughout the year when you may be more inclined to run a special fundraiser, such as an appeal to fund a specific program and donation pages are a solid option to collect donations.

Use the design features on the donation page setup step to create donation tiers specific to the campaign you’re running. For example, if you’re looking to fund certain projects, try to equate impact to each gift value. That way, the donor will know the positive impact of their gift.donation page examples

Another way to customize your donation page to your specific campaign is to take the time to create a campaign-related URL. Simply type the name of your campaign (or your organization) into the custom field or create a completely custom domain.donation page examples

3. Partnerships & Corporate Sponsors

Do you partner with another nonprofit, business or corporation that promotes giving amongst their employee or client base? If so, customize a donation page specific to that audience.

You can even include their logo directly in their header!

4. Use In Email Appeals or Social Media Blitzes

Donors don’t just get to your website or donation page through a web search. Often, they’re directed there from your emails and social media profiles.

Make it easy on your donors by linking to your donation page through email appeals and any social media fundraising blitzes you run.

A simple call-to-action encouraging people to “Support,” “Donate,” etc. along with a link to the donation page will direct people to where they need to go to make a gift. It’s almost too easy!

embed donation page example
See how Release Your Voice created and embedded a custom donation page on their Squarespace website.

See how CauseVox makes it easy to create and manage branded donation pages and embed them directly on your website whether you’re using WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, or another CMS.

You may be asking: Why would I use a donation page when my website works just fine at capturing donations? There are a few reasons why your donors will have a much better experience giving through an official donation page.

  • It’s easily personalized for each campaign. For example, some nonprofits choose to maintain their website’s default donation page for general donations but rely on donation pages for each specific appeal.
  • It’s trackable. With a donation page, you can quickly view which marketing appeals are bringing in donations. Then, you can adapt and adjust your fundraising techniques moving forward.
  • It’s perfect for donor segmentation. Donation tiers aren’t one-size fits all, especially if you’re targeting both your major and small gift donors within the same campaign. Instead of using one donation page for all donors, you can create multiple ones targeted at different donor segments.

5. Try Donor Segmentation

Since we just mentioned If you know one segment of your donor base is more likely to give online than it’s vital you meet them where they are.

Start by performing some data mining through your donor management software or another tracking system. Check specifically for donors in these categories:

  • Donors who gave at least once online
  • Donors who subscribe to your email list
  • Donors who have connected via social media
  • Donors who are likely to make a recurring gift (those making 2+ gifts per year, major donors)

Regardless of whether you’re running a special fundraising campaign, looking to boost your recurring giving numbers, or simply want to make donors aware of your donation page, sending out an impactful nonprofit story with a link to your donation page may appeal to these key groups.

6. Events

It’s not surprising that some donors are unable to make in-person events, regardless of how exciting your organization’s polar plunge, 5k, or dinner fundraiser may be.

But just because they can’t attend doesn’t mean those donors aren’t interested in giving. Go ahead and send out a customized donation page to your loyal donors that can’t make it to ensure they’re given a chance to contribute.

7. Recurring Giving

By incorporating a recurring giving option on your donation page, you automatically set your nonprofit up to bring in more money.donation page examples

Given the fact that monthly/recurring donors give upwards of 42% more over the course of the year than one-time donors, it’s always a good idea to encourage donors to give a recurring gift.

Go ahead and add that option right on the donation form.

**Insider Tip: And while you’re at it, ask your donors to cover the administrative costs at the same time. We found that, just by asking, your nonprofit or charity is likely to entice 80% of your donors to cover those extra fees through donation tipping!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many donors decide your cause is worth the extra mile (and an extra 3%)!

When it comes to collecting donations, you have a lot of options. Before you start printing those pledge forms or gathering phone numbers for a marathon phone-a-thon, consider setting up a donation page. Before you know it, you’ll be on your way to raising more online.

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