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How To Use Zapier To Streamline Your Fundraising

Zapier is a tool that can be used to push your donor, fundraiser, and team data across platforms, and can be used for a wide variety of cases.

With a growing list of 750+ applications that Zapier integrates with, including Salesforce, Constant Contact, Google Sheets, and more, Zapier is a powerful and impressive tool to streamline your back office workflows.

Gone are the days of needing to go through the trouble of exporting your data, reformatting it to your needs, and needing to manually upload it.

CauseVox’s integration with Zapier give you the ability to easily import data from CauseVox into any other application you use that also uses Zapier, in the right format for each application.

However, importing data is more than just that — your data is your fundraisers and donors, and improving the lines of communication between CauseVox and your other applications actually allows you to better communicate with your donors and fundraisers throughout your campaign.

This can drive even more donations, increase donor retention, and even help you empower your fundraisers to better raise funds on your behalf.

But how do you make the most of Zapier? Here’s ways you can use Zapier to streamline your fundraising.

“How do you make the most of Zapier? Here’s ways you can use Zapier to streamline your fundraising.” tweet this

1) CRM Import

use zapier streamline fundraising salesforce

With the Zapier integration, you’re able to pump your donation data right into your Salesforce account (as well as some other nonprofit CRMs, if you’re using those) so you can keep track of your donors’ history and best sort through donors to target for particular calls to action that move them along in the donor engagement cycle.

When you’re donation data is in Salesforce, you can sort through your campaign and keep track of the interactions that lead up to their donation and determine how to best target them in the future.

You can also segment your supporters into appropriate lists that can be used to best update your supporters and bring them into the next step with your organization. These segments can look like:

  • First time donors
  • Retained donors
  • Recurring donors
  • Major donors
  • + more

To make use of CauseVox Zapier integration for Salesforce, email us at and we can give you the access you need.

You’ll then need to set up the Zap between CauseVox and Salesforce (or your other CRM), setup a trigger for new donations, select which action you’d like (what specifically you want imported and where) and then map the appropriate fields such as donor name, email address, address, and amount donated.

Once that’s all set, those fields will automatically import all new donors and info into your CRM as the donations roll in, which will make it really easy to manage data throughout your campaign for targeting.

Alternatively, if you are using Little Green Light as your nonprofit CRM, while they don’t have a Zapier app integration, you are able to use Zapier to push CauseVox data into Little Green Light using webhooks.

2) Google Sheets Import

google sheets zapier streamline fundraising

For those of you that aren’t using Salesforce or another nonprofit CRM that integrates with Zapier, you’re still able to easily transfer data into a Google Sheet to keep track of your donation data throughout the campaign.

You could use this Google Sheet across your organization to share the donation or fundraiser data to different departments, so they know what actions they can take and when they should take them – not to mention the usefulness of having a Google Sheet to refer to for any questions on the campaign status and for simple record keeping needs.

This means you’re able to track new donations as they come in, as well as new fundraisers as they sign up, in an easily secure and shareable document you can use to best streamline the process or saving and using your data.

For example, your marketing department can use this list as a way to reference their communication history with these donors and note who they should be sending your newsletter to, while your fundraising department can use it as a work list for those who will receive personalized thank yous and pinpoint potential new major donors to connect further with.

Meanwhile, your team member in charge of fundraisers can receive the list of recent fundraiser signups so they know who they’ll want to reach out to in an effort to provide further guidance, as well.

To set up the CauseVox to Google Sheets integration, you’re able to connect your Google Account to Zapier, select a specific spreadsheet you’d like the data imported to, and select to create a new spreadsheet row for each new fundraiser or donation that rolls in. Lastly, once you map the fields to the right columns, you should be all set to have data directly piped to your Google Sheet.

In under a second, your fundraiser or donation data is transferred into your spreadsheet, saving you the time and energy needed to reconcile your data later on and making it available to use throughout your campaign.

3) Slack

slack zapier streamline fundraising

Does your nonprofit use Slack to chat throughout the day? With CauseVox’s Zapier integration, Slack can become much more than that.

With this integration, you’re able to have new donation or fundraiser notifications pointed directly to Slack in any channel you’d like, so you’re able to stay on top of campaign activity in real time.

Meanwhile, your team member in charge of fundraisers can receive the name and email of new fundraiser signups and almost instantly be notified. This way, any additional communications that need to be sent out to onboard the new fundraiser (ie. if you need to send them tickets or additional info) can get done quickly and seamlessly.

4) Email Services

convert kit zapier streamline fundraising

The Zapier integration allows you to easily transfer data directly into email service providers like Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and Convertkit so you can do things like import contacts to add to your general newsletter list, add fundraisers to an email campaign directly aimed to help them better fundraise, and add your donors to a list set to receive updates throughout your campaign.

Essentially, you’re able to better cultivate relationships with your community and drive further engagement with your campaign and your organization by using this simple integration.

Here’s what Kenny Kane, the CEO of the Testicular Cancer Foundation, had to say about the use of the CauseVox Zapier integration:

Using the new Zap capability, I can send new fundraisers into a drip email series via our Convertkit email program. I can fully automate a series of inspirational emails to remind people why it’s important for them to fundraise. The first name personalization makes it all the better.

Here is what our monthly self-exam drip sequence looks like, sent every 30 days:

Setting up automated email sequences using the fundraiser and donation data can help decrease the heavy-lifting on your end, and help you better personalize emails to particular segments and ultimately increase donations.

CauseVox’s Zapier integration goes back to our people fundraising methodology. Fundraising isn’t just about the transaction, it’s about the relationships built between your organization, fundraisers, and donors, that work to expand your network and help good things flourish.

Keeping your data in order across applications helps you keep track of your donors and fundraisers past and present to drive better relationships in the future and better cultivate a community primed for fundraising. And it’ll save you time, too.

“Keeping your data in order across applications helps you keep track of your donors and fundraisers…” tweet this

For more information on how to set up Zapier for your CauseVox account, view our article Zapier Integration Beta.

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