Coronavirus Relief for Nonprofits

What the heck happened in the past two weeks?

If you’re like a lot of nonprofits we talk to, you’re scrambling to account for how coronavirus is wreaking havoc on your day-to-day operations and fundraising plans.

I hope you’re doing well. 

This thing is going to drag on for a while, significantly decreasing your nonprofit’s revenue. Right now, the government is saying that this may last through June or longer.

Many of your in-person fundraising (galas, runs/walks, etc) have been disrupted. But the fundraising can’t stop because the nonprofit sector will be needed now more than ever.

At CauseVox, we’re launching a few things to help you transition to virtual/digital fundraising. 

New Basic Plan Unlimited (100% Free)

Because of the Coronavirus, we’ve removed the limits/caps on the Basic Plan.

This new Basic Plan allows you to run donation forms/pages, virtual events, and peer to peer fundraising. There’s no monthly/annual fee, no CauseVox fee, and no limits.

For small orgs on a tight budget or can’t get a virtual fundraising tool approved quickly, you can use CauseVox for 100% free with the Basic Plan.

Get started for free or chat us via our website.

Free Access to the Donor Retention and Engagement Course ($185 value)

Now more than ever, we need to be retaining donors. In this two-part course, we dive deep into donor retention and help you craft a donor retention plan you can rely on to help increase retention rates and grow your fundraising.

View the course for free here (special link).

1-1 Digital Fundraising Consultation

Let’s chat about how you can leverage virtual/digital fundraising. With a digital fundraising expert, who can map out the easiest path to transitioning to digital fundraising with less stress. Get your free digital fundraising consultation.

Free Webinar/Blog: Navigating The Coronavirus

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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