[Webinar] How Nonprofits Are Navigating The Coronavirus

With the Coronavirus outbreak, many day-to-day lives have been disrupted. From schools closing, workers going remote, and even restaurants shutting their doors in some parts of the country, we have to quickly make adjustments to help prevent the spread.

And with this, your nonprofit’s plans have been disrupted.

Many nonprofits are trying to find the best way forward for their organizations, navigating next steps to take for the workplace environment, programs, financial limitations, and fundraising.

This Thursday, 3/19, at 2pm EST, join us for a conversation with two organizations (Old Greenbelt Theatre + Amigos International + Queensway Carleton Hospital) about their plans so far, so we can all learn from each other the best practices to help us navigate the current climate.

In our conversation, we’ll be exploring:

  • Workplace environment changes, and ways to keep your team cohesive.
  • Navigating mission and programmatic adjustments and changes in the midst of the coronavirus.
  • Transition to digital alternatives from fundraising events to help keep revenue flowing.
  • + much more

We’re all in this together. There is a way forward. We’ll uncover the best ways nonprofits can navigate the Coronavirus.

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