9 Holiday Fundraising Ideas Your Supporters Will Love

Tina Jepson
Tina Jepson

When it comes to the holidays, it’s better to give than to receive– and that’s what all of us at CauseVox love about this time of the year!

Not only are we excited about giving gifts to our favorite family members, friends, and organizations, we also know that supporters of some of our closest nonprofit partners are likely to be extra charitable with donations around the holidays.

And while we know that sometimes all it takes is a good ask to get your donors on board for another fundraiser, other times it’s, better to spice it up and give those willing and eager to support your organization something fun to look forward to.

If you’re looking for a creative holiday fundraiser that your supporters will love, check out these 9 ideas.

“If you’re looking for a creative holiday fundraiser that your supporters will love, check out these 9 ideas.” tweet this

1. Run a Holiday-Themed Peer-To-Peer Fundraiser

We know that your nonprofit or charity is always looking for ways to both engage your current donors and bring new supporters to your organization, which is why you should try a peer-to-peer fundraiser this holiday season.

Ask your board, volunteers, and current donors to become personal fundraisers or join a fundraising team for your holiday-themed peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Encourage them to set goals, share a story about why they’re connected to your organization, and distribute information about their campaign across social media, email, and in-person.

Don’t forget to create a fun holiday theme. For example, you can ask fundraisers to ask for donations instead of gifts, or have them raise money to help families in need this holiday season. Tailor the theme and goal to your organization’s needs.

Plus, when you use CauseVox’s user-friendly peer-to-peer fundraising software to run your online peer-to-peer fundraiser, you can customize the site and provide your fundraisers with the resources they need to be successful.

Holiday fundraising ideas
Unite For Her 5K Run/Walk Peer-To-Peer Fundraiser

2. Sponsor A Family

Holiday Fundraising ideas

Many of us see the holiday season as a time to give to those we’re closest to– our families. But what about those families served by your organization that aren’t able to afford even a simple Hanukkah or Christmas gift?

Try raising money and collecting gifts to help families served by your nonprofit or charity. This fundraiser will allow your donors to connect directly to those you serve, so you’re not only engaging and educating those supporters, you’re helping those who need it most.

There are a couple ways that you can go about this initiative. You can ask donors to support an entire family, an age group, or even just a single person. No matter what, they effort will make the holidays easier for someone close to your cause.

3. Christmas Tree Sales

Holiday Fundraising ideas

A whopping 79% of American families put at least one Christmas tree in their house during the month of December. So, incorporate a Christmas tree sale into your holiday fundraising plan.

If you live in a community that has pick-your-own Christmas tree farms, talk with these local companies to see if they’d be willing to donate some proceeds to your organization in exchange for volunteer work.

Or, work with a tree supplier to purchase Christmas trees in bulk and then sell them for a slight profit from your office, at a farmer’s market, etc.

4. A Visit From Santa

Holiday Fundraising ideas

Kids are usually quite eager for a chance to visit the Jolly Man before he’s scheduled to arrive on Christmas Eve. Add that to the fact that most parents love a great photo opp, and you’ve got a recipe for a fun, heartwarming fundraiser.

After making sure that he’s able to part from overseeing the toy-making operations, get Santa on the books and start advertising early. Ask parents to consider a donation in exchange for a chance for their kids to enjoy breakfast with Santa or a chance to sit on his lap.

5. Babysitting Services

Holiday Fundraising ideas

Speaking of parents, they definitely need time to finish up all that last-minute shopping– and your nonprofit or charity can help them!

Gather your most responsible volunteers to babysit during the evening once or twice in the weeks before the holidays.

6. Holiday Wrapping Party

Holiday Fundraising ideas

After all that shopping, someone needs to wrap those presents. To raise funds (and sharpen your wrapping skills) your organization can host a holiday wrapping party.

Talk to stores in your community (try Walmart and Target) or a local business about donating supplies like the paper, ribbon, tape, and scissors. Then, gather your supporters to volunteer for the evening. Ask attendees for a donation per gift wrapped.

7. Cold Water Plunge

Holiday Fundraising ideas

For some reason, most of us are willing to take a dip into freezing water for a good cause, which is why polar/cold water plunges are so popular.

If you think your supporters will be eager participants in this fundraising event, start planning your plunge right away. Find a body of water, get the necessary permits, and start advertising. Ask participants to raise funds to join in on the fun, either online using peer-to-peer fundraising or in-person.

Chances are, this fundraiser will be a blast for everyone involved and you may even want to make it an annual affair!

8. Holiday Soiree

Holiday Fundraising ideas

Sometimes, all it takes is a good party to bring people together to make a difference. Plus, some donors will enjoy an inviting, intimate party over the craziness of a 5k or cold water plunge any day.

Host a dinner party and invite all your closest supporters, including your board, volunteers, donors, local businesses, etc. Work with a local restaurant or gallery to secure the space, food, and entertainment. Ideally, it’s best to charge per person/plate to keep costs on your end manageable, while also raising money.

You can also use this event as a chance to thank those that mean the most to your organization

In the middle of a busy season such as the holidays, people love to let loose and have a good time. Give them this opportunity (and raise money for your organization at the same time) with a well-planned holiday soiree.

9. 31 Days Of Giving Event

Mobilize donors throughout the month of December with a 31 Days of Giving campaign.

This holiday fundraising campaign is a great way to encourage generosity leading up to the end of the year. Keep your supporters in the loop by sharing relevant stories, status updates, and highlighting supporters going above and beyond to help you meet your goal on social media, email, and your website.

Also, try creating a hashtag for your particular campaign to encourage photo sharing.

If you’re using CauseVox to power your 31 Days of Giving event, use our impact meter to track your progress.

Holiday Fundraising ideas

On average, over 30% of a nonprofit’s donations come in during the month of December, which is why holiday fundraising is so important for nonprofits and charities. This year, try a new fundraiser like one of the options listed above to engage your supporters and bring in those dollars!

“On average, over 30% of a nonprofit’s donations come in during the month of December, which is why holiday fundraising is so important…” tweet this

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