Personal fundraising pages help you bring in more donors

Supporters can easily create their own personal page on your fundraising website and raise donations on your behalf.

Team pages for groups of fundraisers

Fundraisers can join or create their own fundraising teams.

Member listing

All personal fundraising pages in the team are listed.

Direct donations

Visitors can donate to team members or directly to the team.

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Features for campaigns of all sizes

Storytelling through blogs

Supporters can post blog updates to their personal fundraising page. These stories drive traffic and donations to the campaign.

Unlimited personal and team pages

Have as many personal or team fundraising pages as you’d like. No limits.

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Pro-level customizations for any type of peer-to-peer fundraising

Custom registration fields

Need specific information like a t-shirt size? Gather important data from your fundraisers or teams.

Custom welcome emails

You can provide tips and make fundraising personal with CauseVox. We let you automatically send a welcome e-mail to each new fundraiser.

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Personal pages are easy for your supporters to create

Supporters can easily create their own personal page in just a few minutes.

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