Why your branding matters in online fundraising

Rob Wu
Rob Wu

The Online Giving Study found that the branding and personality of your fundraising page makes a double-digit difference in the amount of donations you get.

Donors not only give 15% more to branded fundraising pages, but they give 38% more over time!

What’s a branded fundraising page?
A charity-branded donation page is integrated with the charity’s website. To the donor, it is not evident that one has left the website to make a gift. Here’s an example of one.

An unbranded fundraising page does not visually match the charity’s website and goes to a 3rd party branded, multi-step donation process with the charity’s name and address as the only personalization.

How does it make a difference?
The online donor experience has a significant impact on donor loyalty, retention, and gift levels. The more intimate and emotionally coherent the giving experience online, the stronger the relationship between donor and nonprofit appears to be.

Donors who gave through charity-branded pages started at a higher level ($187) and increased more (to $279) than those who gave through generic pages ($163, rising only to $202). That’s 38% more through charity-branded pages!

The difference in donor experience has a significant impact on giving levels.

What should you think about?
These findings suggest a few to considerations.

  • Fundraising pages should be fully branded or have the same look and feel as your website.
  • Fundraising pages should be on the same URL as your website so donors don’t get confused.
  • Stronger donor relationships can be created visually through their donation experience.
  • Donors should be given the least number of steps to donate as possible.

How CauseVox can help?
CauseVox helps you gain the confidence that you’re getting the highest donation from each donor. Our self-service site editor gives you an easy and affordable way to have a fundraising page that looks like your website or brand.

There’s no need to depend on an expensive web developer to get started. Your brand, not ours, always comes first.

Learn more about CauseVox by visiting us at

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