Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling – Free eBook (for a limited time)

Rob Wu
Rob Wu

The Starter Guide to Nonprofit Video Storytelling

Many non-profits recognize that online video storytelling is the most powerful driver of online fundraising.

The problem is that after identifying they want video, most aren’t sure what to do next.

Many dive in without thinking about what kind of story will garner the response they are looking for. Most don’t know what outcomes they want. Some start by creating completely boring overview videos that explain each of their programs. Others create videos, post them to Facebook once, cross their fingers, close their eyes and hope that donations will suddenly start pouring in.

There’s a better way. We promise.

We want to help your organization tell powerful stories that will help you mobilize supporters and propel peer-to-peer giving.

That’s why we decided to partner with ListeninPictures (they create beautiful and moving video for nonprofits) to write an e-book about how to create a non-profit video strategy called The Starter Guide to Non-Profit Video Storytelling.

In it we discuss:

  • What questions you should always ask before starting a video project.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistakes of non-profit video.
  • What the key ingredients of effective videos are (including a huge list of ideas).
  • When you should produce videos internally and when you should outsource.
  • How to move from making videos to telling stories.
  • How to structure compelling impact stories.
  • How to tell stories that mobilize and inspire.
  • How to use video to create effective fundraising and advocacy campaigns.

It’s being released on November 9th. If you sign up today before then, you’ll get it for free. Check out The Starter Guide to Non-Profit Video Storytelling.

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