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A Guide To Cultivating Relationships With Your Community

There’s a lot of discussions these days about how community engagement makes a huge difference in fundraising and awareness.

With all of the new ways business are connecting with customers, nonprofits are finding it critically important to take their communications to the next level. This means going beyond the occasional Tweet or year-end direct mail campaign.

In fact, we believe that cultivating relationships with your community should be a top priority, as it impacts your overall fundraising goals, and potentially, if you succeed or not.

This guide teaches you all about cultivating relationships. Here’s what you’ll learn in our free 28-page ebook:

  • Defining relationship cultivation
  • Listening to your community
  • Deepening support through the commitment curve
  • Using mediums for relationship cultivation
  • Leveraging community for fundraising

Download this ebook to learn how you can create and nurture an effective community that lasts.

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