Are You Fundraising The Wrong Way?

Rob Wu
Rob Wu

If you’re like most charities and nonprofits out there, you are facing two challenges when it comes to online fundraising.

  1. Reaching supporters online
  2. Convincing them to donate

You may be tackling these challenges a number of ways, such as through social media or amping up your email newsletter distribution. And while these are great, proven techniques that can inspire people to give, they are transactional in nature. When you use your communication channels to speak to your donors, you may be reaching them, but they are not being given a voice in the process.

Our CauseVox team wholeheartedly believes that there is more to fundraising than just a transaction, which is why we built this platform. Fundraising, after all, is about building and growing relationships and that’s what we want to help you do.

We think it’s time to bring people back into the fundraising process, and this can be done through people-based fundraising.

“We think it’s time to bring people back into the fundraising process … through people-based fundraising.” tweet this

What Is People-Based Fundraising?

Gone are the days when you can simply rely on a “Donate Now” button to raise money for your cause.

Today, we know that fundraising is much more about building relationships than the actual donation transaction. Through studies such as the Fundraising Effectiveness Project, we’ve learned that a donor retained year after year and campaign after campaign can have a significant impact, not just as a donor, but as a referral source. Therefore, we must focus on the lifetime value of a donor, not just their gift amount.

Personal Fundraising
World Bicycle Relief has used CauseVox to raised nearly $2M through people-based fundraising.

And that’s what people-based fundraising is. This fundraising technique uses the passion and influence of your supporters to share your cause with others, building deeper connections with your supporters (and recruited donors) in the process.

You may be under the impression that online fundraising is, in a way, hindering those relationships to form because you’re spending less time with each donor. But, that’s definitely not the case if you take a people-based approach to your work.

What Does People-Based Fundraising Look Like?

By empowering your passionate supporters to do the relationship building on your behalf, those supporters become your messengers—your own large fundraising team, so to speak. These people ensure that your fundraising appeal is not only authentic but that it resonates with their own audience of friends and family.

Peer-to-peer fundraising
The Motherhood Collective used CauseVox to empower their volunteers and supporters to set-up personal fundraising pages.

Personal fundraisers don’t just ask for donations, they assist you in engaging your community of supporters and prospective donors, help you to share your story, and are actively participating in the future of your cause.

People-Based Fundraising Is How Fundraising Should Be

Since starting CauseVox in 2010, we’ve helped nonprofits, charities, and other cause-based organizations raise, on average, twice as much with online fundraising as they did with their traditional, website-based fundraising campaigns.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

  • Larger Reach: People-based fundraising invites your community of supporters into the fundraising process. From there, your campaign is shared with your supporter’s personal connections. So now, you’re in front of hundreds and thousands more people than you would have reached with your own channels.
  • Personalized Message: With people-based fundraising, your story is shared from the perspective of your personal fundraiser in a unique, authentic way. As a result, those viewing the campaign are much more likely to trust your cause, which helps increase your exposure and ultimately drive donations.

“People-based fundraising is how fundraising was meant to be …” tweet this

Fundraise A New Way With CauseVox

People fundraising
The Justice Movement is using CauseVox to power their online fundraising (the right way).

CauseVox can help you adopt this people-based fundraising approach in your own fundraising campaign. With our platform, we provide you with the tools you need so you can spend time on what matters the most in fundraising: telling your story and building your community.

Our fundraising program makes the experience easy for your organization, your donors, and your loyal personal fundraisers.

To help you nurture supporters and reach new audiences, we’ve integrated storytelling tools into our fundraising pages.  We also provide you the tools and resources necessary to empower your community to advocate and fundraise on your behalf as personal fundraisers.

Thousands of nonprofits are using CauseVox to power their people-based fundraising efforts, and we encourage you to give us a try too.

To see how you can fuel your fundraising efforts with CauseVox, start by booking a free, no-obligation 1-1 demo.

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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