Cultivating Relationships With Your Nonprofit Community

Tricia Mirchandani
Tricia Mirchandani


There are many questions in the world of fundraising:

What is the best way to reach potential supporters?

What are the strongest methods for converting potential donors?

What is the best way to communicate your story in a way that moves people to commit?

When we approach each question individually, the job seems enormous and, at times, impossible.

But we can wrap up all of those questions with one answer.

To reach, engage, and communicate with supporters and donors you must build and cultivate relationships.

The old days of communications, in which nonprofits put information out and hope for supporters to respond with donations, have given way to a new world of two-way communication. Thanks to email, social media, and other communication mediums, nonprofits can get to know their supporters and donors can get to know the nonprofits they care about.

The result is a relationship built on mutual understanding and support.

In our ebook, Cultivating Relationships with Your Nonprofit Community, we talk about why relationships are so important to your work, how to build them and cultivate them for lasting impact, and ways to measure your efforts.

Within the pages of this ebook, you’ll learn how to:

Listen and ask questions online
Just like relationships you build and cultivate in your personal life, relationships with your supporters are fortified when you know more. Learn what it means to listen online and what tools you can use to do so effectively. And then become skilled in the art of asking. We’ve included a few sample questions to get your conversation started.

Define and manage a commitment curve
Every relationship takes a journey and the one you engage in with your supporters is no different. Understand what a ‘commitment curve’ or ‘engagement ladder’ is and how you can set one up for your nonprofit. Then identify where your supporters are in their relationship with you and how you can move them up the curve.

Relate across channels
Relationships grow and thrive just about everywhere. From email to social media to websites and beyond, each channel has its strengths and weaknesses and its sweet spot for the work of relationships. Learn some key ways to engage across several mediums and deepens your relationships, as well as how CauseVox can help you do it. And then take a deep dive into how to cultivate relationships with donors specifically.

The quality of the relationship you have with your supporters and donors can affect the impact you’re able to make. Download your free copy of Cultivating Relationships with Your Nonprofit Community to deepen your relationships and positively impact your success.

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