Product Update: CauseVox Automated Matching

Ever wished your donations could go even further? Enter automated matching—an indispensable tool that transforms the way your organization secures support for its cause.  Research from the CauseVox Giving Study reveals a notable trend: a majority of donors, about 64%, prefer automated giving, with a particularly strong desire among high earners, reaching 81%. Automated matching […]

Product Update: CauseVox Giving Days

It only takes one day of collective giving to transform entire communities. CauseVox giving days hold powerful potential to generate impact that extends beyond the 24-hour window. While you may be acquainted with GivingTuesday’s impressive global giving stats, don’t feel limited to run a giving day only once a year! Whether it’s a small community […]

Product Update: CauseVox Upgraded Ticketing Streamlines Events

The updated CauseVox fundraising event ticketing form helps you create, manage, and report on your fundraising event. You have new options to brand and host your eventing ticketing form, collect additional attendee information, and manage attendees. These new features help you sell more tickets, simplify your fundraising, and save time on administration. We’ve highlighted some […]

Product Update: Donors Update Payment Details Through New Member Portal

Our new Member Portal is a self-service portal for recurring donors to track and mange their monthly gifts and pledges. Instead of manually updating donation amounts through back and forth emails, you can easily keep recurring donations up-to-date with zero administrative work by allowing donors to update their recurring donation themselves. Through the Member Portal, […]