Practical Guide to AI: Enhancing Donor Engagement & Avoiding Pitfalls

Delve into how AI tools can be used to personalize donor interactions without compromising authenticity. If not prompted with care, AI-generated content runs the risk of sounding generic and stale, which could risk your organization’s credibility. This session will review AI prompt engineering and its applications to generate personalized, authentic, and compelling content that drives […]

Three Steps for Finding Your Best Stories

Identify and develop the stories that will most effectively resonate with your audience. Your organization’s lifeblood is storytelling, with the power to deeply resonate and inspire action. In this session, you’ll learn how to uncover personalized stories that authentically reflect your mission. From crafting a purposeful storyteller list to conducting insightful discovery interviews, you’ll learn […]

Beyond the Visual: Building a Compelling Brand

Understand how to craft a brand identity that speaks directly to the heart of your donor base. Humanizing your brand builds strong donor trust and loyalty.  This session shares the process of blending visual coherence with authentic, consistent messaging that resonates with served communities, funders and other stakeholders. You’ll learn a holistic approach to incorporating […]

Storytelling Strategies Fueling Multi-Channel Fundraising Success

Master the art of storytelling across various channels to create compelling narratives that engage and convert. Embark on a journey where storytelling is key to fundraising success! Discover how personalized narratives can boost every part of your multi-channel campaign, connecting deeply with donors and increasing impact. Learn from real-life examples and expert guidance to practice […]

Beyond Gratitude: Strategic Stewardship for Donor Retention and Growth

Join Sabrina W. Hernandez as she shares effective strategies for stewardship that can help you retain donors and grow your funding base, emphasizing the importance of gratitude in your fundraising efforts. Unlock the potential of donor stewardship to foster enduring connections with your supporters and elevate your fundraising efforts. We’ll delve into the vital role […]

A Surprisingly Simple Way to Attract Corporate Partners Now

Find out how personalizing partnership proposals can secure more corporate sponsors. Corporate partnership proposals that prioritize personalized outreach deliver over a 33% positive response rate. Learn to transform missed opportunities into invaluable connections, attracting companies aligned with your mission and fueling nonprofit growth. Join us to discover a proven framework that not only secures corporate […]

Designing an Impactful Website to Inspire Stakeholder Action

Learn how to design your website to reflect your donors’ values and inspire them to take action. Designing a compelling website starts with delving into your organization’s “why”. From there, it’s about crafting impactful narratives that resonate with your audience’s values and aspirations. Learn how to design a compelling website, intentionally directing supporters to engage […]

Rhythm-Making for Fundraisers

Discover how to sync your fundraising efforts with the personal rhythms and preferences of your donors. Embracing personal rhythms can alleviate fundraising overwhelm and bring clarity, connection, and purpose to your efforts. In this collaborative session, gain insight into similar organizations’ proven rhythms and activities to create an organizational culture where everyone on the team […]

How to Succeed in Stewardship without Really Trying

Learn to go beyond basic acknowledgments to create stewardship strategies that foster long-term donor relationships and growth. Discover how to create meaningful connections with donors through personalized experiences to boost your fundraising efforts. Learn practical strategies to go beyond simple gratitude, fostering lasting bonds with supporters. In this 45 minute session, you’ll gain actionable techniques […]