Product Update: Donors Update Payment Details Through New Member Portal

Jenna Notarfrancesco
Jenna Notarfrancesco

Our new Member Portal is a self-service portal for recurring donors to track and mange their monthly gifts and pledges.

Instead of manually updating donation amounts through back and forth emails, you can easily keep recurring donations up-to-date with zero administrative work by allowing donors to update their recurring donation themselves.

Through the Member Portal, recurring and pledge donors can quickly:

  • View their giving history and manage account details.
  • Manage recurring donations: change donation amounts, payment details, or suspend a donation.
  • Manage pledges: update payment details, or cancel the pledge.
  • Update donation display information or make gifts anonymous.
  • Update postal information.

Let’s walk through how your donors can update payment details through the Member Portal.

How to access the portal

Your donors can use a secure portal link to login and update credit card or other payment details.

After processing their first recurring donation or pledge installment payment, the donor receives an automated donation receipt with a secure portal link.


They can use the link to sign up for the Member Portal, verify their email address, and login.


Donors will automatically be sent the secure portal link prompting them to update their payment information on file after every:

  • Initial donation processed.
  • Consecutive donation processed.
  • Failed credit card/payment.

As admin, you can also re-send the secure portal link manually if needed.

Available payment options

Recurring and pledge donors can process their gifts by selecting one of our flexible payments:

  • Credit card/debit card
  • ACH bank transfer (available for US bank accounts only)
  • Apple/Google Pay

How to update details

After logging in, your donors can select the type of donations they’d like to view or modify.


They can select the donation profile and update payment if needed.

Maybe your monthly recurring donor would like to increase or decrease their monthly donation amount. They can change it to any custom amount through their portal. (Changing donation amount is not currently available with pledge installment payments.)

Donors can suspend a monthly recurring gift or cancel a pledge.


Additionally, donors can change the donation display name, make the gift anonymous to the public, or add or edit postal information.


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