The Complete Guide to Storytelling for Nonprofits

Imagine the impact your nonprofit could achieve if your stories captivated more hearts and inspired more actions. Great news: with the right storytelling techniques, this is entirely within reach. We’ve created this comprehensive guide to help you master the art of storytelling for your nonprofit. By following these steps, you can craft compelling narratives that […]

Rethinking Resilience: Insights from the Giving Ecosystem

Join us for an insightful and engaging webinar featuring Woodrow Rosenbaum, the Chief Data Officer of GivingTuesday. In this exclusive event, Rosenbaum will delve into the ever-evolving landscape of giving and philanthropy. Drawing upon the valuable data and findings from GivingTuesday’s highly anticipated 2022 Annual Lookback report, attendees can expect to gain a profound understanding […]

From Words to Action: Harnessing Community Stories for Social Change

Discover how involving donors and volunteers in decision-making processes, captivating audiences with real-life narratives, building trust through authenticity, and inspiring action can reshape your nonprofit’s impact in the digital age. Join us and learn the four key elements of community storytelling: Inclusion, Attention, Reputation & Validation, and Action.  Key Takeaways:  You’ll walk away with actionable […]

Develop a Case for Support to Elevate Every Fundraising Appeal

Developing a case for support is vital for every nonprofit that wants to create fundraising appeals that resonate with donors and bring results. This purposeful process of gathering ideas, evidence, arguments and advice from your donors will help you to establish your importance in serving your community and create compelling reasons for donors to give […]

Winning High-Earner Donors with Automated Giving

In today’s digital age, high-earner donors aren’t just giving — they’re expecting streamlined, automated experiences. With 81% demanding seamless giving journeys, leveraging automation isn’t just convenient; it’s crucial.  Join us in this exclusive webinar tailored to decipher the nuances of automated giving and its inherent value for high-net-worth individuals. Key Takeaways:  Join us in this […]

Utilizing the Google Grant for GivingTuesday & Year-End Campaigns

We all know how important the GivingTuesday and Year-End Fundraising campaigns can be for nonprofits. Using the Google Ad Grant is an effective way to get the word out about your organization and promote your fundraising campaigns.  Because you have $10,000 to spend each month on Google ads, you don’t need to worry about how […]