Giving Day Checklist: Everything You Need to Run Your Giving Day from Start to Finish

Hosting your own giving day is a powerful way to amplify your mission. At CauseVox, we understand that orchestrating a successful giving day can be an exciting but daunting endeavor. That’s why we’ve crafted the ultimate Giving Day Checklist – your go-to resource for turning generosity into tangible results.

Why Have a Giving Day?

Giving days are not just about fundraising; they’re about community, connection, and creating lasting change. Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit or a budding organization, a giving day can elevate your reach, engage your supporters, and supercharge your impact. Now, let’s dive into your roadmap for success.

This Checklist Includes:

  • Everything you need to do broken down into tasks starting from 6-9 months before the giving day
  • Best practices for marketing and fundraising to consider as you go 
  • Tips for integrating peer-to-peer fundraising into your giving day
  • Considerations when you’re participating in a Giving Day hosted by another organization
  • Post-giving day tasks so you make sure to finish strong 

The goodies:

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