Giving Days: How They Work & How Your Nonprofit Can Participate

From Giving Tuesday to World Diabetes Day, giving days stand out as events that bring communities together in the spirit of generosity. Whether you’re a small nonprofit aiming to make a local impact or a larger organization orchestrating a grand initiative, giving days offer a unique platform to amplify your cause. In this article, we’ll delve into the essence of giving days, exploring what they are and how your nonprofit can actively participate.

What is a Giving Day?

At its core, a giving day is a dedicated period focused on charitable giving. Typically it’s 24 hours but can sometimes extend to a week. It’s a time when individuals, businesses, and communities unite to support nonprofits through financial contributions. Think of it as a collective effort to make a significant impact in a short span.

Who Hosts Giving Days?

The beauty of giving days lies in their versatility. You have the power to host your own, tailor-made to suit your organization’s mission and goals. Whether you’re a grassroots initiative or a well-established nonprofit, running your giving day allows you to engage directly with your supporters.

Additionally, giving days can also be orchestrated by community foundations and other host organizations to raise awareness and funds for several nonprofits at once. Take, for example, Spur Local’s commitment to community strengthening in the Greater Washington region through their annual Giving Tuesday campaign, “Give Local Together”. 

Give Local Together campaign page with total amount raised

This year, the campaign successfully raised over $1M, contributing to support 200+ carefully vetted organizations. 

How Does a Giving Day Work?

Whether you’re spearheading your own giving day or participating in one organized by another entity, the mechanics are designed to create a dynamic and impactful experience. Throughout the event, you’ll extend invitations to your existing donors to contribute, while also capturing the attention of potential new supporters who might discover your organization and choose to contribute to your cause. 

Why Should I Participate in a Giving Day?

Participating in a giving day isn’t just about fundraising; it’s a strategic move with a number of benefits for your nonprofit:

  • Attract Donors:
    • Expand your donor base by reaching individuals who may not have been aware of your organization.
    • Invite your supporters and their networks to join in. Consider making a peer-to-peer campaign.
  • Raise Awareness:
    • Benefit from the increased visibility.
    • Amplify your organization’s story and impact, drawing attention to the critical work you do.
  • Strengthen Community Partnerships:
    • Forge new partnerships with businesses, community leaders, and individuals who align with your mission.
    • If participating in a day hosted by another organization, you can collaborate with other nonprofits participating, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

How Do I Host My Own Giving Day?

Hosting a successful giving day requires strategic planning and thoughtful execution. Here’s a condensed guide highlighting key steps inspired by a comprehensive article on the subject:

1. Pick A Date

When selecting a date, choose one with relevance or significance to your cause. Consider tying it to events like Earth Day or your nonprofit’s anniversary. Avoid holidays or busy periods that may divert attention.

2. Set Clear Goals

Define your fundraising target, donor engagement goals, and impact-oriented objectives. Aim for ambitious yet attainable targets. Establish measurable targets to track donor base growth and engagement levels. Outline the desired impact of the giving day, aligning goals with your organization’s mission.

3. Choose Your Platform

Craft a compelling narrative showcasing highlights and impact from your organization’s work. Develop marketing materials to generate excitement. Set up a central online donation platform for easy sharing and giving. Take a page from success stories like St. Mark’s High School, which utilized CauseVox’s platform for their Day of Giving, displaying proceeds in real time.

For a full run-down on how to host your giving day from start to finish, download our comprehensive checklist. 

Use CauseVox for Giving Days

Running a successful giving day involves a lot of moving parts, and that’s where CauseVox comes in. From effortlessly setting up peer-to-peer pages and creating dynamic donation forms, our platform has you covered so your day goes off without a hitch. Learn more about CauseVox Giving Days here

Participating in an Organized Giving Day

If you’re participating in a day hosted by another organization (like Spur Local’s Give Local Together event for instance), more than likely you’ll have to apply and/or register for it.

After researching giving days happening in your geographic area or related to your specific cause, you might discover opportunities that fit.

Follow the instructions provided and gather essential documentation, including your organization’s 501(c)3 registration, a compelling logo, and a mission description that encapsulates your work.

Spur Local 2024 Application Criteria Page

(Spur Local’s network application)

Prepare other critical documents, including your organization’s EFT information for fund disbursement. Ensure your logo and organization description authentically represent the essence of your cause.

Creating Your Giving Day Campaign Page

Your campaign page is more than just a platform for donations; it’s a space to connect, engage, and inspire support. Let’s dive into crafting a compelling campaign page, guided by best practices and inspired by real examples.

Setting the Stage

Encore Stage & Studio Campaign Page

Imagine your campaign page as the stage for your giving day performance. Strategic planning is key—align this space seamlessly with your overall strategy. Clearly articulate your mission, goals, and the profound impact donors can make. This is your opportunity to invite supporters into your narrative, fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Within this virtual stage, carefully curate images that resonate with your cause. Select high-quality images or videos that not only showcase your work but also evoke emotion. Visual content has a unique power to transcend words, making your organization’s impact tangible and relatable.

Most importantly, have a seamless and hassle-free donation process for your supporters, as statistics show that 75% of donors are more likely to make a donation if the giving process is easy. The easier the journey, the more likely they are to join you on this collective adventure. 

VisArts Transformations Annual Campaign Donation Form

As your giving day approaches, strategically share your campaign page across channels. It’s not just a link; it’s an invitation. Integrate it into your social media posts, emails, and on your website. During the event, direct donors to this dedicated centralized hub.

Promoting Your Giving Day

As you gear up for your giving day, the key to unlocking its full potential lies in getting the word out. Building a network of ambassadors, comprising volunteers, staff, and dedicated board members, can be the catalyst for a campaign that resonates far beyond your immediate reach.

Identifying Ambassadors

Imagine your ambassadors as torchbearers, carrying the essence of your cause to a broader audience. Your volunteers, staff, and board members, fueled by passion and commitment, can become powerful advocates. Engage them early in the process and empower them to share your campaign with their networks.

Harnessing Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Take the concept of ambassadorship a step further by embracing peer-to-peer fundraising. This dynamic approach involves your ambassadors creating their own fundraising pages, turning them into individual champions for your cause.

To make it easy for your participants, consider developing a peer-to-peer toolkit. This toolkit serves as a comprehensive guide for ambassadors, providing them with the resources and information needed to run successful individual campaigns.

To make the process even more accessible, we’ve crafted free customizable toolkits that you can tailor to suit your organization’s unique needs. 

Elevate Your Giving Day with CauseVox’s Tailored Solutions

Do you have an innovative concept for your giving day that requires a specialized fundraising platform?

With CauseVox Bespoke Services, work with our team to co-develop and customize your giving day campaign website to its fullest potential. Incorporate dynamic elements like tailored donation processes and distinctive leaderboards effortlessly into your site.

If you’re a community foundation or an organization looking to host a multi-cause giving day, reach out to us at to schedule a consultation. Let’s make your vision a reality.