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Thousands of nonprofits trust CauseVox.

Thousands of nonprofits trust CauseVox.

In prior years, most of our staff time was spent on technical support—helping people sign up on the site, set up their plunge page, and troubleshooting issues.

This year, because CauseVox was so much easier to use we were able to put much more time and effort into supporting our plungers’ fundraising efforts.

Kelly - Greenbelt Theatre

Kelly McLaughlin

Director of Donor Engagement at CCAN

CauseVox was really easy for people to use and for them to share, and this allowed us to reach out to other people, and it was surprising just how quickly it took off, where people we didn’t know were making donations.

Delta Pick Mello - California Automobile Museum

Delta Pick Mello

Executive Director at California Automobile Museum

It’s not common to be able to learn a new system without watching six hours of tutorial videos and sending 30 emails to a help-desk (and then waiting 3 days for a response). But with CauseVox, I was able to feel confident using the system after walking through the set-up steps of my first campaign.

And when I did have to send a couple of emails to their help-desk – I received prompt assistance. I can’t say how much this means to a one-person development department.

Amanda Mulder - 20 Liters

Amanda Mulder

Development Director at 20 Liters

Online fundraising was a new approach for us.

CauseVox’s option to use individual fundraising pages mirrored what we do with fundraising captains so we had everything we needed in a platform to have an online component.

Cate Mellen

Cate Mellon

Fundraising Coordinator at Carlisle Family YMCA

CauseVox’s customer service was impeccable.

Their team members were readily available to answer any questions we had or address any issues. The campaign ran as smooth as I could have hoped.

Rachael Younger - Junior League of St Petetersburg

Rachael Younger

LBDI Chair at Junior League of St. Petersburg

CauseVox was the best match because of the way you can set up team and personal fundraising pages.

I was looking to get away from spending so much time managing the technical aspect of the site (like I did with what we used previously), and it’s a lot easier for people to make their own profile. It’s a lot easier!

Blaise Moehl Communications Associate at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity

Blaise Moehl

Communications Associate at Pensacola Habitat for Humanity

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