[Product Update] Get Higher Gifts Through Your Donation Form With Rearrangeable Tiers

At CauseVox, we’ve been making huge improvements to help you get more donations (and higher donations) with optimized and customizable donation forms.

Recently, we introduced Advanced Donation Tiers to help you get more donations through your donation page, campaigns, peer-to-peer fundraising, virtual events, and more with recurring and simple donation tiers.

Now, we’re introducing Rearrangeable Donation Tiers, so you can strategically arrange your suggested giving levels to your needs.

Whether you want your donation tiers listed from the greatest amount to the least amount, the least amount to the greatest amount, or somewhere in between, you can easily draw your donors’ attention to your most important donation tiers with our Rearrangeable Tiers.

With Rearrangeable Tiers, you get:

  • More flexibility on your donation form than ever before
  • Optimize for higher gift sizes with strategically placed gift levels
  • The best donation experience customized for your needs

With Rearrangeable Tiers, you’re able to enhance the donor experience and optimize donation size.

Learn more about how you can rearrange your donation tiers to increase gift size.

Get More Donors With CauseVox

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You’ll get more donations coming in through your website + give your donors the world’s easiest experience on any device. 

Plus, with automated donation receipts and reporting, you’ll save even more time on admin tasks.

Don’t miss out on any more donations:

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It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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