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CauseVox Product Update: Custom Fields, Site Preview, + More

Fall is officially here! Amidst all the harvest festivals and plenty of pumpkin flavored treats ????  (I’m looking at you, pumpkin spice latte), fall also means that it’s one of the busiest times for nonprofits.

You’re hustling to get together your #GivingTuesday and year-end plans, and may even be working on a fall fundraiser.

With all these responsibilities on your plate, we made some updates in functionality to make things easier for your organization.

Here are our top product updates that will help make your fall fundraising easier, and pave the way for your year-end fundraising success.

Updated Custom Fields To Power-Up Your Fundraising

product-update-custom-fieldsKnowledge is power. When you collect information from your donors, you have the power to act on it to better run your campaign, develop relationships with donors, and boosts donations.

That’s why we’ve upgraded our custom fields functionality. Our new custom fields empower you to collect nearly any information you can imagine from your donors so you can effectively run events or races, give donors rewards, collect honor and memorial donations, and much more.

With the option to arrange your questions in any format you’d like, and the ability to let donors add rows to fill out a question for multiple event-goers and participants, you’ll be able to collect the information you need, in any way you want.

For more information on how you can use custom fields, here’s 4 Ways You Can Use Our Updated Custom Fields To Power-Up Your Fundraising Campaign.

You Can Now Preview Your Campaign Site

product-update-previewIt’s always good to have a few extra eyeballs on your site’s design, so you can get the feedback you need to make your site even better before going online.

With our new site preview feature, you’re able to do just that! Get your team on board with your design by sharing your campaign URL before you turn your site online for a preview of your site.

Now, you’re able to better collaborate with your team on your site’s design, so you can be even more prepared to launch your campaign with your team behind you.

Features Enhanced

You Now Have The Power To Manage Your Subscription Checkbox

subscription-product-updateYour donation form automatically has a checkbox that gives donors the option to subscribe to updates from your organization.

Now, we’ve put the power in your hands! You can now default the box to checked or unchecked, based on your preferences, and even turn it off based on your campaign needs.

We’ve Made Reporting Easier: Team Names In Your Donation Export

Reporting on team fundraising is easier than ever now that we’ve added the team name each fundraiser is assigned to in your donation export.

With this addition, donation data for campaigns with team fundraising is simpler than ever.

Your Fundraisers Have More Control Of Their Profile Name

Sometimes, a fundraising page doesn’t represent one person- for some campaigns, it can represent a company, a class, or a family. Fundraisers now have the option to set a Fundraiser Display Name, so you can better represent the people that are fundraising on the page.

Also, we didn’t want to leave out anyone with a stellar nickname.


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We look forward to releasing even more features and content that can help you make the most of CauseVox. We’ll keep you updated on everything with our Product Updates!

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