New Guide: The Comprehensive Guide To Social Media For Nonprofit Crowdfunding

Candace Cody
Candace Cody

THE Comprehensive VIEW

With 1.49 billion active Facebook users, 500 million tweets per day, and 35 billion Linkedin page views per quarter, it’s clear social media is here to stay. Social media is increasingly playing a role in the communication between people, businesses, and nonprofits alike, providing a direct way to interact with your audience.

This means that social media is way too big to let fall to the wayside, posting a tweet every now and then requesting donations. Social media gives you the opportunity to leverage your audience, and the way you strategize your posts makes all the difference.

Don’t know where to begin? In The Comprehensive Guide To Social Media For Nonprofit Crowdfunding you’ll learn:

The Types Of Content That Work For Each Platform

Different platforms have different cultures and focus, leading to very different approaches to content consumption. Learn how to spot which types of content are optimized for each platform, and adopt your posts likewise. Expanding your visibility using the right content will drive attention and donations your way.

How To Build Relationships With Your Online Community

Doing social media well does not look like just creating content and throwing it up on your page. Social media gives your nonprofit the opportunity to build a two-way relationship with your followers, who are also a great source for generating content.

Learn ways you can use your followers’ content to minimize your own content creation while also developing an engaged community.

Measuring Social Media Data

With so many daily interactions on your different social media accounts, it’s important to keep track of what’s going on and how your audience is reacting to your posts on a larger scale.

Learn how to use Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Linkedin’s statistics to see how you can adjust your strategy and refine your posts to more specifically target your community’s interests.

Creating A Social Media Content Calendar

Like any other project your nonprofit takes on, social media works out best when it is well planned. Take a look at a few examples of how you can layout your social media calendar in a way that optimizes your impact. Find out which tools your nonprofit can use to help you find and schedule content, as well, so that no opportunity to interact with your community slips by.

Social media is a powerful tool, when used correctly, to engage your community in your next crowdfunding campaign. Read our free guide The Comprehensive Guide To Social Media For Nonprofit Crowdfunding to learn how to get started on a nonprofit social media strategy that will turn heads and hearts to support your crowdfunding efforts.

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