How to Convert Donors Into Longtime Supporters

Hila Mehr
Hila Mehr


You’ve launched your nonprofit crowdfunding campaign, and the donations are rolling in. Congrats! But how do you convert those one-time givers into longtime supporters and advocates of your mission when the campaign comes to a close? And why should you care?

Your work doesn’t end when the nonprofit crowdfunding campaign ends—that’s when the hard part of implementation kicks into high gear. And as a nonprofit, the fundraising never ends. People are supporting your mission financially through the crowdfunding campaign, but they are also experts, resources, words of wisdom, and potential team members.

They’re the exact group of people you need to help sustain your nonprofit as you implement the resources they’ve just given you as well as when you need to fundraise again. So, how do you keep them around?

Here are three ways to engage your crowdfunders and convert them to longtime supporters:

Keep in Touch

They’ve donated, now what? Add them to your nonprofit CRM (Excel or the real thing) with all the information you have. Send notes throughout the crowdfunding campaign, and make plans to keep in touch beyond that.

What do they receive about your progress 1 month, 6 months, 1 year after the campaign? Don’t just send a mass email—individual notes matter more. They donated, which shows they care, so let them know how they’ve had an impact.

Ask for Advice

Your donors are also a wealth of wisdom and resources, so use them. When you’re keeping in touch, let them know if you’re looking for expert consultants, volunteers, or new team members. And pinpoint specific people to advise you regularly on your mission and growth—maybe even create a separate advisory board for them, pulling together individuals with a range of expertise, experience, and networks.

Create Engagement Opportunities

A newsletter is nice, but how many are you subscribed to that you don’t read? Think beyond written engagement. Maybe you throw a crowdfunding campaign party when you’ve reached your goal or a yearly campaign anniversary party. Maybe you launch that advisory board or host a mission-related volunteer day, book club, or discussion group for your crowdfunders.

By keeping them engaged in your mission, they’ll continue to bring donations, donors, and collaborators your way, and support you with their wisdom and companionship.

Not engaging your crowdfunders from Day One is a huge missed opportunity to convert them from one-time givers into longtime supporters, so start now!

What other engagement tips have I missed here? Add them in the comments! We’d love to hear from you.

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