4 Ways to Be Authentic in Crowdfunding

“Fake! Fake! Fake!” is what they’ll call you if you don’t focus on telling authentic stories when fundraising online.

You have to give your readers a memorable experience with authentic content. If not – they’re not going to donate, contribute, or support your project.

Here are a four ways you can be authentic in your online fundraising or crowdfunding campaigns.

1. Tell authentic stories

No matter how pragmatic and bullet-list-loving we are, everyone is drawn to stories. Stories connect us to each other because they convey common emotions and challenges.

You can never go wrong with storytelling – it is the main currency in being authentic.

2. Make non-financial asks

This is especially helpful for people who want to do more than give money. Sometimes people want to support you by donating, other times, they want to support you by taking action (which can be even more valuable than donations!)

Here are a few examples of non-financial asks:

  • Invite specific donors or supporters to volunteer their time to a task force of their interest or expertise.
  • Ask supporters to volunteer for an event
  • Recruit help with large tasks
  • Invite supporters and donors to attend relevant trainings
  • Ask donors or supporters to provide a training session to staff that’s it their field of expertise

The closer donors and supporters can get to the work, the more authentic the experience.

3. Create ambassadors

Ambassadors champion your cause and organization. This is the best pay-it-forward you could ask for.

People who believe in your mission and participate in your cause are most likely to share it with their friends.

Their firsthand experience with your cause is an undeniable source of passion, and  the support of potential advocates and undiscovered donors will be fueled by it.

Again – creating something authentic, something memorable.

4. Humanize your team

Make a video of each staff person rather than doing a write-up about them for your website. Have them speak about their passion for the work – or their hope for the future of the organization.

Authenticity gets results so go ahead and stimulate your audience through real videos, stories, interactive graphics, and various opportunities. Chances are it will be more memorable than content alone.

What do you do to be authentic? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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