[Webinar] How to Supercharge your Fundraising Event

Here’s the secret: organizing the perfect fundraising event isn’t always about creating something new or doing what’s trendy. Instead, it’s about implementing the right event fundraising best practices and ideas that fit your organization and your donors.

Whether you’re organizing an in-person, virtual, or hybrid fundraising event, you’re all trying to pull off a high-performing fundraising event with limited time and resources.

To help you supercharge your fundraising team’s success, join us in this live 30-minute of proven best practices, fresh event fundraising ideas, and real-life examples to take inspiration from.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Tips for before, during, and after your upcoming fundraising event.
  • Top best practices for virtual / hybrid fundraising events.
  • Proven event fundraising ideas for 2022.
  • Inspiration from real-life walkthrough of fundraising event pages.

You’ll come away with the know how to organize and run a successful fundraising event for 2022.

This session will also feature a live Q&A and be recorded for free on-demand viewing.

About your Speakers

  • Rob Wu, CEO + Founder at CauseVox
  • Jenna Notarfrancesco, Account Executive at CauseVox

Simplify and grow your fundraising

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