[Client Experience] CauseVox and Carousel Ranch- Candid User Review and Hacks

Did you “fall” into your nonprofit role? So did Carousel Ranch’s Associate Executive Director, Taylor Adachi. She rose from the ranks, starting as an intern and rising to the Associate ED!

Her experiences allowed her to grow with the organization and her fundraising skills, like many of our nonprofit leaders nowadays. She shares amazing key tips, from growing a relationship to branding everything. Her fundraising hacks are easy to implement and are key to getting your nonprofit to the next level in your strategies.

What Taylor and Rob covered in this interview:

  • About Carousel Ranch
  • Top fundraising hacks
  • Carousel Wishes & Valentine Kisses
  • P2P fundraising structure
  • The strong why in storytelling
  • Success with CauseVox
  • #1 fundraising mistake nonprofits do

About your Speaker

Taylor Adachi Associate Executive Director @ Carousel Ranch

Rob Wu, CEO + Co-Founder @ CauseVox

Simplify and grow your fundraising

It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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