Monday Mixtape 001: Valentine’s Day Fundraising, Donor Love, & Hope for Shy Fundraisers

Monday Mixtape 001: Valentine’s Day Fundraising, Donor Love, & Hope for Shy Fundraisers

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Did you notice that we like you? Nonprofit professionals, people trying to make a positive change in the world, people who are ready to take action and get things done…you’re pretty dreamy.

So, in the time-honored tradition of declaring Serious Like we made you a mixtape: a bite-sized assortment of things we think you’ll like, compiled into one neat package. Since we can’t leave it in your locker, we’re sending it to your inbox.

NOTE: If you are under 25, you may be confused right now. Once upon a time, we showed people we liked them by creating a unique mix of songs recorded onto a thing called a cassette tape.

Here’s This Week’s Mix:

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” —Charles M. Schultz

This week, we’re all about the love. Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, so consider this your reminder if there’s someone you want to buy flowers for, or you need to get ingredients for your Galentine’s Day waffles.

Track #1: 13 Simple Fundraising Ideas For Valentine’s Day, by George Weiner, at Whole Whale

George makes a good case for Valentine’s Day’s giving potential and gives 13 (!) ideas for turning Valentine’s Day into an annual fundraising bonanza. Standout point? “These ideas will be more powerful if they are done with the mindset of peer-to-peer fundraising and connection to your central cause.” Calls to peer-to-peer fundraising are music to our ears.

Track #2: The Fundraiser’s Guide to Loving Lapsed Donors, by Steven Shattuck at Bloomerang

Did a donor break up with you? Did you have a couple nice interactions, and then they totally ghosted? In the nonprofit world, we often call these donors “lapsed,” and we spend a lot of time talking about how to keep them around in the first place. Sure, prevention is the best strategy, but what about the ones who’ve already gotten away?

In this free ebook, Bloomerang’s Chief Engagement Officer shows you why and how to try to win lapsed donors back. Skeptical that you can get the sparks flying again? The book’s goal is to stop you from wasting time and money rekindling something that’s over and focusing on the old flames that are worth carrying a torch for.

Weekly Wow!

Do you need a little heartwarming? Then check out Thomas Morestead’s What You Give Will Grow Foundation’s campaign for Children’s Minnesota.

Thomas Morestead is the punter for the New Orleans Saints. In the big game against the Minnesota Vikings, Morestead suffered a cartilage tear in his ribs. Impressed by his moxie and perseverance, Vikings fans on the Internet decided to donate to his charitable foundation.

That’s heartwarming, no?

Oh. They also raised more than $200,000. Which Morestead’s foundation contributed to Children’s Minnesota. This is pretty much a fundraising love fest.

Track #3: Moves Management: Build Personalized Relationships With Your Donors, by Tina Jepson at CauseVox

Successful fundraising, especially major gifts, depends on building strong relationships. It makes sense to be intentional about it. Like Tina says, “Moves Management is a tried-and-true formula to establish relationships with donors.”

Tina lays out all the steps in an easy-to-understand and non-intimidating way. Moves Management will help you take your prospect from your “first date” all the way up to popping the question. Not that question. The one about giving to your organization.

(Don’t propose to your donors, that’s weird.)

Track #4: Donor Relation Tips for Shy People, by John Haydon

Did someone tell you that fundraising professionals are all life-of-the-party, big-personality people, who’ve never met a stranger they didn’t turn into their best friend? That’s a myth. Quiet, shy, introvert types can be great fundraisers. John Haydon has some fantastic tips if talking to strangers is not your favorite thing.

“Look for the quiet people, standing on the edges of conversations. When you come over to talk to them, they won’t be looking over your shoulder for someone more interesting. They’ll be looking at you like you’re a hero.”

(You could always make them a mixtape. We hear people love those.)

Bonus Track: An Unlikely Match: Oink & Meow, by Nat Geo WILD

It’s only a kitten and pig who are BFFs. No big deal. Nothing to see here.

And Finally …

Nonprofits love social media, especially Facebook. However, Facebook continues to send mix signals. DTR please?

Julia Campbell, an expert on all things nonprofit and social media, has been following the situation closely and will be sharing her take on all of this in a free webinar next week. Get all the details and reserve your spot here.

Hugs for reading!

– Megan

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