Power of One + Many: Individual and Team Fundraising

Tricia Mirchandani
Tricia Mirchandani


Do you remember going door-to-door as a kid? You’d ring the doorbell and then wait with a big smile, going over your script in your head, “I’m selling chocolate and gift wrap to raise money for my school. Would you like to order some?”

If you do, then you already have experience in peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising.

Once a strategy for school kids, P2P fundraising is now a strategy employed by just about every nonprofit. From walks to campaigns to people garnering support and funds, organizations and individuals alike seem to agree that crowdfunding is the way to go. And everyday technology makes it easier and easier.

However, easy is one thing. Making the most of your P2P fundraising efforts and reaching your goals can be another entirely.

In our ebook, The Power of One + Many: Individual & Team Fundraising, we talk about how to engage in both teams and individual P2P fundraising. We offer specific strategies, case studies from successful campaigns, and tactics that you can put into action.

Within the pages of this ebook you’ll find:

The basics
Is P2P fundraising the best path for you? And, if so, what type of activity will be most effective? Only you can answer those questions but we can provide the structure to guide your decision-making process. From the three Rs of P2P fundraising (relationships, resources, and reach) and the three typical approaches (campaign, personal, and activity), we’ll set you up to determine your best path for success.

The path of the individual
You’ve got a great story and you believe that you can make a difference. The good news is you’re right, you can. So get your story together and make sure it includes all of the necessary components of a good fundraising campaign story. And then get to the hard part—spreading the word, cutting through the many demands for attention and funds, and reach your goal. We’ve outlined the specific components your story should include and provided a number of strategies for getting your campaign the attention you need.

The path of the team
It goes without saying that coming together with a team will amplify your story and bring the power of numbers to your campaign. But how do you use the team most effectively? How do you pool your resources and efforts for maximum, positive impact? We walk through specific tactics to bring the power of every member of your team together to take advantage of every possible opportunity.

The path of the best
Crowdfunding is our world and we’ve seen hundreds of campaigns. We see the trends and the practices that work best and in this ebook we’ll share those so that you can put them to work for you. And then, when you’re ready, we’ll help you set up the fundraising site where it will all come together.

There are many ways to approach P2P fundraising and many ways to make it work for you and your cause. Download your free copy of The Power of One + Many: Individual & Team Fundraising and come away with a plan that you can put into action for your nonprofit today.

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