GoFundme Charity Shutdown: Find Your GoFundMe Charity Alternative

Olivia James
Olivia James

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Have you heard the news? GoFundMe Charity is shutting down on September 30, 2021. If your organization is currently using GoFundMe Charity, you might be wondering what that means for you and your fundraising.

Lucky for you, this is an opportunity to find a Gofundme Charity alternative that has amazing features and will help you raise more with less stress, less clunk, and less wasted time. Here’s what you can do.

Gofundme Charity Shutdown Logistics

GoFundMe has laid out the dates that you need to know: here’s what you should add to your calender.

  • March 31, 2021: last day that GoFundMe Charity supports third-party integrations
  • June 30, 2021: last day to create a new campaign on GoFundMe Charity
  • September 30, 2021: last day to accept donations online via GoFundMe Charity campaigns and donate buttons. This includes recurring donations processing.
  • December 31, 2021: final day GoFundMe Charity will be available. This is your final time to export your donor and fundraiser data/content.

What’s important for you to know is that GoFundMe wants you to simply move over to their main fundraising site. But on that site you won’t be able to accept recurring donations, use integrations, or download your donor data (which is a huge problem).

You’ll want to start planning your transition to a new fundraising platform by June 30 so you can keep your campaigns running the way you want. That’s where CauseVox comes in.

As A Gofundme Charity User, What Do I Do Next?

If you’re currently using Gofundme Charity, it’s time to start looking for a Gofundme Charity alternative.

GoFundMe Charity is suggesting their customers move to the main GoFundMe platform. But, for many nonprofits, it doesn’t make sense. You won’t get the features that you need as a nonprofit with a robust fundraising platform, especially if you’re looking to launch virtual events, run peer-to-peer fundraising, or have a branded look and feel on your nonprofit’s fundraising sites.

As a great alternative to Gofundme Charity, you can easily transition to CauseVox. Here’s what you’ll get:

1. A Fundraising Platform With Less Frustration and Less Clunk


CauseVox is easy for everyone to use, no matter how much experience they have with technology. You can set up your campaigns quickly and easily without any help from IT, plus your donors and fundraisers will whiz through giving and fundraising without a challenge.

2. Quick + Easy Administration And Reporting


Not only is it easy for you on the front end, it’s also easy for you to manage your fundraisers on the back end: CauseVox integrates with tons of other programs and has robust reporting that helps you learn more about your donors.

It’s easy to use, and helps you build long-term relationships with your donors.

3. The Easiest Way To Fundraise For Your Nonprofit


We’ve all been the person who has cobbled together twelve different kinds of software to make our fundraising work. One place for emails, one place for donor information, one place to accept donation, one place to market…it’s complicated and it’s frustrating.

That’s not how we work at CauseVox. All of your fundraising lives in one place: every stage, every initiative, every donor. It’s simple, it’s easy, it saves you time.

4. The Best Customer Service: No Robots Answering Your Calls

One of my least favorite things in the world is having a technology problem, calling the company and getting no one: Just a pre-recorded message with no answers to any of my questions.

With CauseVox, you get one on one support from actual people who actually answer your emails and calls and help you from day one to make sure your fundraiser runs well.

Take it from our users, who have rated us 5 stars for customer support on 3rd party review sites.

We provide dedicated and customized support to all of our users, and our team is here to help you seamlessly through the transition. We’ll walk you through setting up your first fundraiser from beginning to end!

5. Pricing You Just Can’t Beat

You can’t beat free, right? We offer plans that can work with any nonprofit’s budget, ranging from our Basic plan ($0/mo, 0% transaction fees) to flexible and affordable paid plans that allow for more features, customization, and support to meet your needs.

Just want to run a month-long fundraiser? You can only pay for one month. Want to raise more year-round? We have amazing discounts on annual plans to help you get started.

Plus, to make your transition to CauseVox as easy as possible, we’re offering any current Gofundme Charity users 20% off any plan of your choice. Just leave your email here to get access – we’ll reach out to help you get started:

Learn more about CauseVox Pricing.

CauseVox Fundraising Success Stories

We could talk all day about our favorite CauseVox features, but the real proof is in the pudding: our success stories. We’ve seen thousands of nonprofits run successful campaigns on CauseVox over the years.

Here are a few of our latest success stories from nonprofit fundraisers like you:

Here’s a few more great stories from users here at CauseVox:

20 Liters Benefitted From Comprehensive Support To Raise More Through Their Walkathon Challenge

Amanda Mulder is the only staff member who works on fundraising at 20 Liters, so any software she uses needs to do some heavy lifting to help her out. When Amanda found CauseVox, her world changed.


“It’s not common to be able to learn a new system without watching six hours of tutorial videos and sending 30 emails to a help-desk (and then waiting 3 days for a response). But with CauseVox, I was able to feel confident using the system after walking through the set-up steps of my first campaign.

And when I did have to send a couple of emails to their help-desk – I received prompt assistance. I can’t say how much this means to a one-person development department.”

On CauseVox, Amanda raised over $19,000 in just six weeks. The site allowed her to recruit personal fundraisers who took some of the work off Amanda’s shoulders and made the campaign a huge success.

St. Vincent De Paul of St. Joseph County Benefits From CauseVox’s Ease Of Use And Affordable Pricing

Anne Watson is a big believer in technology (as well as the executive director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society), but she felt like she had tried every software on the market and nothing was working for her organization. That’s when she found CauseVox.


“With a limited staff and limited budget, I want to use technology the best we can. CauseVox has an easier to manage fundraising platform, was more budget friendly, and overall, a better fit for our needs,” shared Anne.

Since starting with CauseVox, Anne has run four campaigns and raised over $125,000. Her favorite part? CauseVox gave her all the features she wanted without the high cost. “CauseVox has an easier to manage platform, was cheaper, and overall, a good fit for our needs.”

The Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois Recuits More Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers With CauseVox

You may be thinking to yourself “that’s all well and good, but my fundraisers struggle with technology. Is CauseVox for me?” Let’s take a look at Nancy Ramos’ fundraising for Over the Edge 4 Girl Scouts. Each year she runs this peer-to-peer fundraising event, and her fundraisers are 11 and 12 year old girls. 


In the past, this was a problem. “Fundraisers could never get it set up,” she says. “Even when I walked them through it, it was difficult.” She switched to CauseVox because of its ease of use. 

“CauseVox has been so easy for everyone to use,” Nancy says. Fundraisers set up their pages quickly and painlessly. They can put all their efforts towards their ambitious fundraising goals, not trying to figure out how to set up a page. In 2019 the event raised over $64,00!

Make The Switch To CauseVox

We want to help make your transition from Gofundme Charity as easy as possible. Ready to take on some next steps to use CauseVox as your Gofundme Charity altnernative?

To help you get started, we’re offering any current Gofundme Charity users 20% off any plan of your choice. Just leave your email here to get access – we’ll reach out to help you get started:

And, if you’re ready to fundraise on the easiest, fastest, and most fun platform around, you can start your free 14 day trial of CauseVox today. 

Or, book a 1-1 Demo with our team to chat about how CauseVox can help you raise more online.

A Note From The CauseVox Team To Gofundme Charity

Here at CauseVox, we aim to serve nonprofits well to help them grow their fundraising, just like you!

Your product has helped thousands of organizations fundraise online – and we appreciate all the years your team has worked day-in and day-out to help nonprofits raise the funds they need to make a difference in the world.

Thank you for your much-needed service to nonprofits in our space.

We appreciate you all!

– The CauseVox Team

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