[Client Experience] Invest in Kids: Development Behind-the-Scenes

Krista Mortensen, Development Manager at Invest in Kids, a Denver based nonprofit with the mission for supporting the well-being of kids through a wide spectrum of initiatives and programs.

Krista dives into how her work in fundraising changes day to day, from in-home events to making the ask, and how her fundraising degree and experiences drive their goals.

Key tip from Krista: Use on-brand, related incentives to push p2p fundraising results with new donors. Watch this interview to find out what else Krista uses to maximize results!

What Krista and Rob covered in this interview:

  • About Krista and Invest in Kids
  • Top fundraising tips
  • Jane-athon walkthrough
  • Impact storytelling
  • Getting corporate sponsors for p2p
  • Fundraising toolkit
  • Personal page setup
  • #1 fundraising mistake nonprofits do

About your Speakers

Krista Mortensen, Development Manager @ Invest in Kids

Rob Wu, CEO + Co-Founder @ CauseVox

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