[Client Experience] CauseVox and VisArts – 6 Years of Growth and Success

Aishwariya Chandrasekar, Development Manager at VisArts, joined CauseVox’s CEO, Rob Wu for a great interview covering all things from VisArts almost $100,000 annual campaign to embedded donations form perks.

While she is not a CFRE (yet), Aishwariya brings a diverse background in business psychology and anthropology with corporate experience and social anthropology. Throughout her career, she has focused on nonprofits and social change while honing in on her artistic nature.

“Our development team tries to have the community and fundraisers tell their stories. We want to let the community members with their different background and experiences to show the impact of VisArts.”

What Cylinda and Rob covered in this interview:

  • About VisArts
  • Fundraising Tip: Community storytelling
  • VisArts annual campaign and success
  • Theming peer to peer fundraising
  • Embedded donation form
  • Success with CauseVox

About your Speakers

Aishwariya Chandrasekar, Development Manager at VisArt

Rob Wu, CEO + Co-Founder @ CauseVox

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