[Client Experience] CauseVox and Compassion Services International – Sneaky Tips, Powerful Storytelling, and Pet Peeves All in One

Cylinda Nickel is the Executive Director of Compassion Services International (CSi), a nonprofit dedicated to global support and change for the future. She has worked in various roles in mission oriented nonprofits and joined CSi about 4 years ago.

While her experience shines through her answers by sharing great tips through this discussion, including emphasizing your email list.

“We are so geared right now to go to social media… however, you are probably going to be seen on an email versus social media because of how the algorithms are changing.”

What Cylinda and Rob covered in this interview:

  • About Compassion Services International
  • Typical day of an Executive Director
  • Growing your email list and honoring your donors
  • Examples of resources for donors
  • Ukrainian relief effort at CSi
  • Power of storytelling
  • Psychology of donation tiers
  • Pledge donations and recurring donations
  • Utilizing multiple donation forms for back-office
  • #1 fundraising pet peeve

About your Speaker

Cylinda Nickel, Executive Director @ Compassion Services International

Rob Wu, CEO + Co-Founder @ CauseVox

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It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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