[Client Experience] AuSM’s Success with CauseVox

“The language we use is vital to our success,” says Zephyr James, Community Engagement at Autism Society of Minnesota. Zephyr searches for ways to connect with the autistic community and their supporters, from building partnerships to managing communications.

As a fundraiser and a marketer, your work tends to overlap. Zephyr and Rob dive into great keys to peer to peer fundraising, engaging sponsors into your events, and toolkit tips and tricks to avoid recreating content year after year.

What Zephyr and Rob covered in this interview:

  • About AuSM
  • Fundraising Tip: Empower your donors and fundraisers
  • AuSM annual campaign and success
  • Event pponsorships
  • Peer to Peer team pages tips
  • Making a better ask more often

About your Speakers

Zephyr James, Community Engagement at Autism Society of Minnesota

Rob Wu, CEO + Co-Founder @ CauseVox

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It honestly felt like using CauseVox expanded our team by another member.

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