5 Tactics for Better Online Fundraising Campaigns – Part 2

Rob Wu
Rob Wu

Last week, we started a two-part series on what tactics successful non-profits have used during their campaign. If you missed it, catch the first part of the 5 Tactics.

Whether you’re a rookie or veteran, it’s no easy task to put together an online fundraising campaign. You’re dealing with technology, content, and a mountain of other things that need to be organized.

Sometimes it helps to have some tips or new ideas.

Non-profits always ask us about how they can run a successful online fundraising campaign. There’s no one method; it always starts with developing a strategy and thinking creatively.

To help, we looked at some of the most successful non-profits that used CauseVox and examined what they did in their campaign. We noticed a few tactics that your non-profit can follow to run a successful campaign. Check out part two of these proven tactics.

3. Communicate Frequently

Successful campaigns know the importance of communicating early and often. They spend time writing compelling stories and developing content that resonates with their audience. They also spend time rallying other people around the campaign even before it is ready to begin.

Don’t just tell your story once; tell your story as it unfolds. Refresh your content to keep your audience up-to-date on your campaign progress. This gives them a reason to come back and share your campaign site. Share progress and updates on how the campaign is doing, and how they can continue to help. Take photos, create videos, and write blog posts that inspire.

4. Connect the Online with the Offline

The biggest campaigns tie their online fundraising with offline events. Face-to-face events foster far stronger bonds in the community than just relying on online communications. Volunteer dinners, events, and gatherings are perfect opportunities to raise support in a face-to-face environment.

Successful campaigns have used off-line events to not only raise awareness about their online campaign, but also to recruit people to help spread awareness. In addition, face-to-face events are perfect opportunities to ask for donations or ask your support base to help you fundraise.

Integrating offline with online provides a way for the two methods to feed off of each other. The online enhances the offline and vice versa. The biggest and most successful campaigns always have an offline component.

5. Convey Urgency

Many times, people do not donate because they don’t understand the urgency of the matter. Build urgency into your story and campaign. Urgency gives your audience a reason to act now instead of pushing it off to later.

The most successful campaigns communicate the start and end dates of their campaign as well as a goal they want to reach before the end of the campaign. They give a compelling reason for why the audience should act now.

Your campaign matters so make sure you communicate the urgency of your campaign. The most successful campaigns communicate why things need to get done now.

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