Inspire your community to get involved.

We’ve built our fundraising tools to ensure you can easily design and launch an inspiring online annual fund campaign without IT or a designer.

  • Design and customize to fit your fundraising needs

    Easy-to-use visual campaign builder and design customization to ensure your campaign matches your nonprofit's brand and website.

    Enable optional campaign enhancements like campaign end date, financial goals, impact metrics, donation tiers, custom domain, and more.

  • Desktop & Mobile Friendly

    Fundraise anywhere, on any device

    Optimized to ensure supporters can experience, share, and donate to your campaign seamlessly on any device (mobile phones, tablets, and desktops).
  • Raise money globally

    Accept all major credit/debit cards, raise money in global currencies (i.e. CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR), and choose from Stripe or PayPal as your donation processor.

    Process donations and automatically receive deposits directly into your bank account (no waiting till you meet a goal or your campaign ends).

  • Secured Donation Processing

    Build loyalty and trust

    We take care of security to ensure your supporters can donate with trust and confidence. Fully PCI compliant and SSL secured.

Activate your board & supporters to fundraise with you.

Today more supporters want to “do something” alongside their giving. We make it easy for you to empower your supporters to create personal fundraising pages in support of your annual fund.

  • Empower your supporters

    Reach new audiences and donors by making it easy for supporters to create their own fundraising page in minutes.
  • Fundraising is better together

    Equip businesses, schools, and other groups to fundraise through a team-based page.
  • Social by design

    Integrate your campaign with social media platforms so your supporters can easily inspire their communities on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, and via email.
  • Personalize your campaign communication

    Send a customized donation receipt to your supporters to express your gratitude for their gift to the annual fund, while also driving them to take further steps of support.

Rally your donors to introduce you to new donors.

Offload back-office tasks like reporting and receipting, so you can focus on spending more time building relationships with donors. Our tools make it easy for you to manage all aspects of your annual campaign.

  • Stay in the loop and work as a team

    Keep a pulse of what’s happening in your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign through built-in donation, campaign, and fundraiser activity notifications
  • Fuel your campaign with updates & stories

    Share impact updates & stories throughout the annual fund campaign to rally further support. Empower fundraisers to share progress updates with their community too!
  • Manage your campaign in an intuitive dashboard

    Turn hours of back-office tasks into mere minutes with our robust, yet intuitive campaign manager, including customized receipts and more. Add offline donations to your annual fund’s online campaign, invite your team to help manage the campaign, and much more.
  • Export your donation and fundraiser data

    At anytime, download your donation and fundraiser data to use in your other fundraising tools or upload into your CRM.

Be inspired by those that came before you.

Thousands of fundraising teams are using crowdfunding to reach new donors and raise more for their cause online. See how others have been successful with crowdfunding.

  • YMCA Annual Fund Peer-to-Peer Campaign

    Carlisle Family YMCA

    Fundraising teams raise over $96,000 for the Carlisle Family YMCA's first crowdfunding campaign.
    “We’re pleasantly surprised! We turned on the feature to allow for donation tipping and a great majority of people were willing to check that box and pay that fee for us. At least to two-thirds of all our donations paid the fee! This made a huge difference for us.”
    Cate Mellen
    Cate Mellen
    Fundraising Coordinator
  • Indie Philanthropy Annual Fund

    Indie Philanthropy Movement

    Recruited 57 donors so far to help them launch a new movement of advocacy and philanthropy.
    Arianne Shaffer – Co-Founder and Director
    Arianne Shaffer
    Co-Founder and Director
  • 12 in 21 Annual Fund

    Rauschenbusch Metro Ministries

    In less than 21 days, they were able to recruit 11 fundraisers and 160 donors to help them exceed their $12,000 goal.
    Tiffany Henkel
    Tiffany Henkel
    Executive Director
  • TMI Project Annual Fund

    TMI Project

    Raised enough to help 13 people bring their stories to life with the help of 87 donors.
    Eva Tenuto
    Eva Tenuto

    Raised their first $5,000 in just two weeks to unlock a challenge gift and then went on to raise nearly $40,000 to support their mission.

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