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5 Steps For Building Your Press List

You’ve built and nurtured your own communication channels – email newsletters, social media, and peer-to-peer campaigns – and already reach a dedicated and invested audience.

But, journalists and influencers have the potential to amplify your message exponentially, so it’s crucial …

Stock Photo Sites

When it comes to fundraising for your nonprofit, we talk a lot about the use of powerful images to tell your story. Oftentimes, images are capable of evoking emotion even more than the written word. So, including photos with your

Google Search Ranking

Search giant Google updates its algorithms hundreds of times a year to improve search for its millions of users. Keeping up with the latest upgrades might seem impossible, but all you need to know is this: now, more than ever, …

email nurturing

You’ve decided that you want to reach out to engage current and potential donors for your upcoming campaign via email.


Email is a simple and effective way to introduce your cause, encourage donations and get donors thinking about further …


United Way, Salvation Army, The American Cancer Society: What do all of these nonprofits have in common? Aside from recognizable brands and worldwide reach, they all use similar techniques to raise funds and stay in the forefront of donor’s minds.…


We all know that social media is a powerful channel for marketing and outreach. It is a particularly efficient channel since you can do an entire promotional campaign without investing anything into advertising.

For nonprofits with a limited marketing budget, …

Team fundraising hp image

If you’re exploring using crowdfunding to support your nonprofit or cause for the first time, it might be overwhelming when you look at examples of all the different ways it can be executed – from campaigns that are based on …


307 million people. That’s just a little smaller than the population of the entire United States. But, it’s also the amount of monthly active users currently on Twitter.

Needless to say, the popularity of the social network has exploded in …

Pitching Journalists

You’ve checked off almost all of your boxes when it comes to promoting your crowdfunding campaign. You’ve hashed out a comprehensive marketing plan. You’ve developed a great social media strategy. You’ve pulled together an impressive fundraising page. You’ve gathered together …


Guest post by Edoardo L’Astorina

Donors and funding organizations are looking for transparency when they decide if a cause is worth supporting. And when they do support the cause, they want evidence that progress is being made and actions taken …

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