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Data visualization is turning information into imagery, making hard to digest statistics and numerical figures into easy to swallow pictorial figures. Consider data visualization as the intersection of quantitative analysis and storytelling.

Even if you didn’t know what exactly it …


Our next Movers & Shakers story comes from a pastor in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In August of 2014 lead pastor, Kris Hassanpour, and his team launched a fundraising campaign to help ease the often bumpy transition of relocating and rebranding …

CauseVox Recurring Donation

Our new recurring donation feature allow you to easily take monthly recurring donations via your CauseVox campaign site. You can easily turn a small donation into a consistent stream of donations throughout the year.

It’s easy to setup recurring donations …

When you’re using CauseVox, you might be working with several other people in your organization across several campaigns.

For example, let’s say you’re an Executive Director running a campaign. Your communications staff, your accountant, and your IT person all may …

This week, to celebrate Pro Bono Week, the global celebration of pro bono service, we’re launching a new guide on how you can use volunteers to support your nonprofit.

People interested in social good are increasingly looking for more active …

Crowdfunding and fundraising campaigns focused on projects and programs tend to perform better. Donors like to know what they are specifically donating to and the tangible outcomes, and like to see their dollars go directly to a beneficiary or social


In July of 2014, torrential storms critically destroyed parts of Fiver Foundation’s summer camp. Christie Ko, Executive Director of Fiver Children’s Foundation, thought if people could see the devastation left by the storm, they would want to help Fiver rebuild …

Who are you and what is your campaign?

As a recent McGill university graduate I came up with the crazy idea ride my bicycle from Montreal to Vancouver–thats about 5000 km/3000 miles.

Over the past year I have been exposed …


Meet Kyle, a lawyer who represents social entrepreneurs, a billowing niche of clients. When Kyle was developing his own startup he recognized an emerging trend and professional need in the social good world (stay tuned to find out what …

Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a one-day annual movement focused just on charitable giving. In the two years since #GivingTuesday was launched, the campaign has engaged more than 10,000 organizations around the world, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2013, collective reporting

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