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The crowdfunding research firm Massolution found that in 2014, 18.9% of the $16.2 billion crowdfunded went to social causes. This is a huge opportunity for nonprofits as well as social good projects alike.

We’ve demystified the process for anyone to …


On June 17th, the #GivingTuesday Summit kicked off the season with a day of learning. For those of you unfamiliar with #GivingTuesday, the movement was created with the idea that after all the thanks fall silent and all the


Dabney Schmitt, a board member of Children of Vietnam, was thrilled to raise over $56,000 to benefit homeless and poor children in Vietnam. To her great surprise over half of their 450 donors were new to Children of Vietnam! …


Guest Post by Joe Garecht

There’s a lot that nonprofit organizations can learn from our counterparts in the for-profit world. Business budgeting and goal forecasting, A/B testing for marketing messages, and critical path planning can all be very valuable to …

Carlisle- Family-YMCA

What is your organization’s story?

The Carlisle Family YMCA is an independent stand alone Y (short for YMCA) as opposed to other areas that might have twenty to thirty branches. Our mission is three-fold: healthy living, youth development, and social …


You do a lot as a fundraiser or marketer at your nonprofit, but you can’t do everything. Often, volunteers and advocates become the face of your nonprofit, and some donors will come in from their interactions with them. That’s why …


It’s quite a powerful combination when personal passion intersects with fundraising, as in the case of MMORE. In March, Sarah Kauffman-Fink set an ambitious fundraising goal to move a research study to the clinic so myeloma patients could have access …


Storytelling, thanks to its power to engage emotions, is an essential part of nonprofit crowdfunding, especially when you find the right stories to connect with your community. Knowing exactly which stories will do that most effectively can be difficult, since …

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 3.53.56 PM

With no prior experience in fundraising and barely tapping social media networks, Tyler Stanton and his team were able to raise $100,000 in forty days to successfully launch their church on Easter Sunday.

Continue reading to find out how!

Can …


Fundraising is hard work and the frequent rejections can get to you. But trying to stay upbeat and positive is one of the best ways to convince people to donate.

Here are five science-based tips to stay upbeat throughout your …

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