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Nonprofit CRM

You ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, and you’re getting ready to launch another fundraising effort. But you don’t have sophisticated data on any of your donors or prospects.

So what do you do? Dig through old emails for contact information to track in Excel. Ask colleagues or former colleagues to remind you the outcome of that one meeting two years prior. You’re wasting a lot of time, and none of your stopgap solutions are sustainable, for the fundraising effort you are about to launch or for the future of your organization.

What every non-profit, or organization for that matter, needs …

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Almost anything we do today can be done online—from filing taxes using our laptops to paying for coffee with our smartphones. Fundraising is no exception, and crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way to do it.

crowdfunding vs traditional fundraising methods

What are the differences between crowdfunding and traditional methods of nonprofit fundraising? First, let’s look at their similarities.

Or rather, one major similarity: Both require healthy amounts of time to plan and execute. Let’s not let crowdfunding’s relatively immediate results fool us into thinking that little to no preparation is necessary; it takes a surprising amount of effort to make something appear effortless.

Having …

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Top Tech Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector tends to get a bad rep for inefficiency, and there might be a grain of truth to it that can’t be helped. Nonprofits have had to make do with limited resources, most of which were allocated towards their programs.

Nowadays, nonprofits are increasingly taking their hints from the business world, which in turn is influenced by technology’s seemingly exponential evolution. There are a lot of applications and software available for businesses that would serve nonprofits really well. Here’s our list of top tech for nonprofits.

Top Tech Nonprofits

Bloomerang: Donor Relationship Management

Benefits: Bloomerang is a robust platform …

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We’re focused on packing powerful fundraising tools into an easy-to-use software for any nonprofit or social good project.

The latest version of our CauseVox admin interface has just been released! It’s faster and more intuitive to launch and manage a fundraising campaign.

Four major highlights are previewed below. Give it a try today.

1. New in-app tool tips

To help CauseVox admin users setup their crowdfunding campaign, we’ve implemented on-screen tips to help guide users through the setup process.

CauseVox Admin Tips

Fundraisers also are given on-screen tips as well so they can best learn how to use their CauseVox fundraising page.

Fundraiser Tips


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Movers & Shakers Interview Series

Welcome to our first ever Movers & Shakers interview. In this interview series, we’ll talk to people who are doing tremendous things in industries such as nonprofits, social entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and startups. We hope to share insights and tips that have made these individuals and organizations successful!

For our first interviewee, we have Julia Fehrenbach. She’s the co-founder of Building Blocks for Change and recently named one of New York City’s Top 20 Young Philanthropists.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your previous career history.

I have worked in marketing and PR since I moved to …

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web design summer

A couple of weeks back, we had the opportunity to go check out our second 501 Tech NYC event this year. This organization’s May event was a helpful presentation on changes you can make to your nonprofit website that lead to more traffic and better engagement. Presented by the founding partners of RAD Campaign, 10 Ways to Make Your Website Smokin’ Hot This Summer was a great opportunity to learn about quick methods to improve your digital presence.

So what did we learn?

1. Simplify!

A car buff would immediately compare a nonprofit website to a fine tuned automobile. …

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With the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier to reach a large number of supporters quickly.

However, launching and running an online fundraising campaign requires a lot of work. And a big part of it depends on your fundraising website and making sure it performs well.

Whether it’s the necessary research before launching your campaign, or the strong hints of authenticity in your storytelling, there are a lot of factors that make up a high-performing online fundraising site.

What are these elements that make up a high-performing online fundraising site?

Check out our free new guide today to

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Your nonprofit does great things, making a huge impact with limited resources.

Your efforts are so focused on changing lives and transforming communities that mustering up the energy simply to execute a fundraising campaign overwhelms you.

The thought of setting up a well-designed fundraising website: your undoing.

Can’t I just create a fundraising website then, ‘set it and forget it’? Didn’t someone say something about judging books by their covers being a bad thing? You think, that applies to nonprofits… right?

Well, yes and no.

Fundraising, unfortunately or fortunately, bears more similarity to dating than to reading.

Here are three …

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As a nonprofit founder or Executive Director, you have to keep hold of your vision. Your donors and supporters do not know what’s best, you do.

Counterintuitive to most fundraising methods, you don’t want to abide by the usual strategy that says, “The customer is always right.” Instead, start with this in mind: They (your financial supporters!) don’t know what they’re looking for until you give it to them. Or, as Steve Jobs puts it, “The customer is not right, I am.”

Steve knew his ideas were beyond what people could imagine. He could envision how his products, his ideas, …

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Gone are the days of text-heavy, unorganized websites with little to no visuals, confusing navigation, and hard to read fonts.

Building user-friendly, clean, and beautiful websites isn’t just for top brands or graphic designers; these days, businesses from restaurants to realtors and newspapers to nonprofits are taking advantage of this trend to tell their story.

Traditional Media Catches Up With the Times

As print subscriptions continue to drop, publications are hiring design teams to come up with the best format for their mix of breaking news, long-form journalism, audio and visual media, and community building.

Three major news outlets have …

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