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Giving Tuesday

#GivingTuesday is a one-day annual movement focused just on charitable giving. In the two years since #GivingTuesday was launched, the campaign has engaged more than 10,000 organizations around the world, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars. In 2013, collective reporting

Giving Tuesday

We can hardly believe it, but yes, fall is essentially here (at least in terms of football, pumpkin spice lattes, and back-to-school), and that means the holiday season isn’t too far away either. Does your nonprofit already have a holiday …


You’ve decided it’s time to hire your first fundraising professional (yay!). Fundraising can be complicated work and requires a specialized skill-set.

Not only do fundraising professionals need to be good at research, but they need to be excellent at schmoozing …


Before Rockefeller, wealthy philanthropists gave haphazardly to pet causes and rarely concerned themselves with the results of their giving. J.D. Rockefeller, on the other hand,  was obsessed with measurable results and accountability.

He created the modern institution of philanthropy, but …


The social impact story you tell in your CauseVox crowdfunding video is critical–both for success in raising the most funds, but also in the message you are sending about your cause.

An unfortunate trend in social impact storytelling is something …


Who are you?

ArtStream, Inc. is non-profit based in Greater Washington DC. We bring the arts to people who are traditionally underserved. We believe that the transformative power of the arts should be available to everyone, regardless of disability or …

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You’ve launched your nonprofit crowdfunding campaign, and the donations are rolling in. Congrats! But how do you convert those one-time givers into longtime supporters and advocates of your mission when the campaign comes to a close? And why should you …


Twitter can be a great resource for staying up to date on nonprofit news, marketing skills, and expert insights into the sector. You can also engage with nonprofit experts by tweeting them your questions or opinions, or joining in on

Nonprofit CRM

You ran a successful crowdfunding campaign, and you’re getting ready to launch another fundraising effort. But you don’t have sophisticated data on any of your donors or prospects.

So what do you do? Dig through old emails for contact information …

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