[Webinar] The Ultimate Virtual Walkathon Fundraiser Playbook

Thinking of running a virtual walkathon or activity challenge to fundraise for your nonprofit?

During a time when in-person gatherings have been canceled and our traditional ways of fundraising have gone virtual – virtual walkathons and challenges have stood out among the top-performing fundraising initiatives for nonprofits and charities.

But virtual walkathons, races, and challenges are new: there’s never been a playbook to easily plan one, let alone best practices to follow that can help you increase engagement and raise more.

Until now!

During The Ultimate Virtual Walkathon Fundraiser Playbook webinar, I’ll be diving into all the secrets of how you can create a successful virtual walkathon, race, or challenge for your nonprofit.

Plus, you’ll hear from Amber Winter, Executive Director of Parkinson’s Nebraska about how she went about planning and executing their hyper-successful walking challenge at her nonprofit.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

  • An easy, step-by-step playbook for planning a virtual walkathon or challenge that’s designed to succeed
  • Best practices learned from dozens of successful virtual walks and challenges that can help you increase engagement and raise more
  • Real examples of virtual walks + what made them so overwhelmingly successful
  • Technology tips to help make the virtual walk/challenge planning process easy for you, your participants, and your donors
  • + more!

You’ll come away with a clear understanding of how you can easily plan and execute a successful virtual walkathon and activity challenge at your nonprofit.

You don’t want to miss these exclusive insights designed to make your event successful!

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